Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

The decline And Fall

Is hard For Some To Understand.

We victims of the political construct and power crazy elite understand the speed of change as poured on our heads almost daily. From the sheer incompetence of public (disservices), the failure of education and the total control of the elite's inconsistency comes a constant torrent of rules, regulations and in many cases the robbery that goes in the guise of taxation.
Yet as this posse of Nero Emperors march along their merry way interfering in profitable wars and strife, creating monster corporations and arms dealerships, behind their waterfall is a very deep cavern. In that place reside a wiser group of intelligent manipulators.A group already decades ahead of The Western debauched gang of Italian style bunga bunga addicts, in so far as the subjugation of inconvenient protest goes.
So stupid are our erstwhile leaders they have failed dismally, indeed encouraged this sleeping, cavern dwelling dragon whilst failing to see its patient purpose. That of dominating the world in order to feed its own.
A perfect encapsulation is found here. "America’s financial management can be best defined by a non-stop borrowing binge" is the first quote in the feature. It carries on quite succinctly but does not mention the Dragon that lurks so quietly in the background. A dragon with new friends in all the right places of today's world. Friends nurtured by The West and financed with largess we were ill able to afford. These Bilderbergers, so convinced and wrapped up in their own self-belief, they have fallen into the lair head first. OK, it will take years before the Rothschilds and their ilk are sweeping the streets of Beijing but it will happen. If not Beijing, then Moscow or Mumbai or even Tripoli!


  1. The E.U. must be destroyed. There are many that see such global government as prophecy, these fools must be dealt with severely.