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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Come Fly With me!


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I believe it was circa 1957 when package holidays began flying to Benidorm. Subsequently, many years later I took this picture when about to retire from a wonderful job. Of all the pleasure I enjoyed one of the least enjoyable was the manner, attitude and downright awfulness of many of The British travellers. Scruffy, dirty, boozed up, rude and ignorant. A favourite anecdote, true, was of, an increasingly rare, lovely stewardess with a particularly nasty crowd of premature ejaculating slobs. One idiot placed his hand up her uniform skirt whilst smirking at his equally obnoxious cave dwellers. Her response was to glower at this moron and say "Excuse me, there's only room for one cnut up there".
Sadly this sexual assault was but one of many these idiots consider OK when on their booze fuelled flights to oblivion.
So here's the rub. We bleat on about our green and pleasant land but after two world wars the cream of our young men and that quality seed corn was wiped out. With an education system created by Labour every yob is made to feel "worth it",  whilst what is left of ambition and social mobility is squandered in political correctness. It is little wonder that NWO doyen, Letwin spouts off as he did. Not without justification of course but highlighting that chasm between the haves and have nots. Not of wealth but of character, discipline, decency and manners. Every socio economic grouping has its good and bad, pathetic and noble coves. Sadly it seems, as with so much in human existence, the bad and pathetic squash the decent and the noble from all backgrounds. 
As for Letwin and our leaders, no package, cheap flight dangers of halitosis dominated fellow passengers for them. Private jets where Berlusconi's girls are disappointed not to be groped for the chance of great riches!

This form of travel is one of the perks of being well connected. Not least when these people marry for money!

Our Olly can be seen here boarding his private Rothschild jet!


  1. Social engineering & wealth re-distribution has ensured that feckless wastrels who, in earlier days, would not have been state-supported, have been able to procreate and flourish. There's also little sense of 'noblesse oblige' amongst the wealthy & powerful these days since the new 'nobles' are coming from the political classes and the hereditary hierarchy is dying out. Not well explained - it's a bit early for me - but I think you get my meaning :-)

  2. What's been done to this once fine country is nothing less than High Treason. I suspect we should have seen the writing on the wall when Bliar got in and promptly abolished the death penalty for it. A huge clue there that very few at the time spotted the significance of.
    As for "Letwin" - yeah, he's 100% the same ilk as all the other traitors.

  3. On a visit to the Octoberfest a few years ago,my mate and I had a great time,both being ex RAF and responsible people.We were enjoying a few jars, as you do,when we were interrupted by a very yobbish crowd,yes,you've guessed it, British drunken yobs.

  4. Ancient and tattered airman5 April 2011 at 23:49

    Many years ago I began to realise that I didn't much like my fellow British citizens. Travelling between mainland Europe to Britain (no longer great) the ferry would be full of ignorant drunken slobs displaying their credentials as oxygen thieves of the first order. I was not keen for my wife and young children to be in the lounge and be subjected to the swearing, rough horse-play and occasional fighting. This usually meant going out on deck whatever the weather to avoid unpleasantness. Later we used to take the night ferry having first booked a cabin. Was I a prude or goody two-shoes? I hope not. At the time I was an officer in the RAF. Now long retired I live deep in the remote country. At least here I can choose seclusion far from the great unwashed, uneducated masses we now have in GB PLC.

  5. AaTA, the countryside remains a bastion still to fall.