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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Are You Depressed?

If So, Why?

Is it just about money? I really doubt the misery endured by this fading Nation is just about money. I once considered "The Establishment" a benign one and open to all who achieved goals and success, large or small, in their lives. Now such ambitions and social mobility have been trampled into the GM soil by so many "new" facets controlled by The Hierarchy. Mass overcrowding of our towns and cities fuelled by the gerrymandered influx of immigrant cultures. The attendant fawning, by institutions and courts, over minority rights at the expense of majority feelings and common sense.
We have, as written yesterday by the thinking man's Littlejohn, Quentin Letts (a must read) , a left wing luvvie and Labour placement bloc. People able to thwart the rare  decent ideas of the Cobbleition. Then we have two wars on the go, the threat of terrorism, a crap BBC, the list is endless.
Then we have our countryside, presently bathed in early morning warm sunshine. Our dogs and other pets. Each other, where we choose to bond rather than fight amongst ourselves. Our ability to commune with nature and create beautiful gardens. gardens which defy the cretins and their paunch driven, self-seeking power mad and depressive ways! Perhaps nuking our major cities is no bad thing! Have a lovely day.



  2. It's not depression I feel, it's unadulterated anger to be honest.

    Monetarily, I'm the same as anyone else that's got "some" work. I get by and manage to pay my bills and buy food. I don't mind as long as I have what I need. I don't need millions.

    It's the sheer greed for money and power that gets up my nose. The way our democracy has been trampled and our freedoms have been abused that sticks in my craw.

    It's the patronising way Cameron says "No, I will not allow a referendum" and the total betrayal of the rest of the gits that sit there lining their pockets.. Who the f*ck do they think they are?

    I'm not just angry for me, I'm angry for every Briton that no matter what they say, they're ignored!

  3. I've got too much going on to be depressed:
    My dog Smartie
    My Missus Sylvia
    Grandchildren Paul, Matt, and Vikki.
    Children, Dawn, Simon and Joanne,
    Daughter-in-law Angie, Sons-in-law Omar and Martin.
    Three times a week at the golf club.
    Surfing the internet and "listening" to other people's opinions in the comments section.
    My car, a 12 year old Merc E class 300, Elegance, estate.
    The garden
    The outdoors.
    The weather.
    the birds feeding just outside my window.
    And, as long as I can afford it, enough food and drink.
    But, like Sue, I'm definitely ANGRY when I have the time.

  4. I'm angry, too, dangerously so according to Lady Killemall. So, tomorrow I am off to France for a thrash on the Beemer down to the civilisation that is Burgundy. OR, please arrange for the nuking of our crap towns and cities to take place whilst I am quaffing a rather good Batard-Montrachet at the Hospices de Beaune on Saturday. I will drink to your continued success at highlighting the foibles of the cesspit that is England, and to the continued good health of you and the most fragrant Lady OR.

  5. Yes, I'm depressed. I can't believe we'll be paying for Portugal now.

  6. Agree, I'm fed up too. Went to a pub the other day for the first time in almost two years and it was absolutely miserably soulless, everyone's lost their mojo.

  7. As ever, a warming set of replies, thank you.
    KILLEM, I'll do my best and thank you for your kind toasts to come!