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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ain't That So?

As With Bliar, So With Pseudo.

Convenient morals are deemed OK by those in power. Do they never stop to realise that those immoral acts have the consequential ghosts of extreme pain and suffering, blood and murder attached? When we have a vote, it never, ever gets to the nub of such issues. All part of the condescending pat on the head that this way is how it's done. Sometimes war is the right way when pursued without the naked lies and subterfuge employed by those in power. The last time we had a "just" war was in the 1940s. Can't think of any other conflict not tainted with "convenience". Now Ireland is aflame, yet again. Unification, like it or not, is the only answer, not consorting with killers but a proper, diplomatic initiative. Just like Libya!


  1. "If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it."

    There's more truth in that wry observation than most folks will ever know.

  2. @Anon 18:52

    Spot on :)

    Because they can't actually abolish it they've done the next best thing which is to make it all but meaningless...

  3. Do your feelings not indicate how much we need to take our vote back and get it to count? AV may not be wonderful but it will shake the sods up.