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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Would you Believe It!

What Utter Rubbish.

This article describes a US scheme for the identifying of future leaders. It claims great success. May I respectfully suggest that all they do is pluck academic, well placed individuals from the very establishments that have always been credited with excellence of their choosing. I accept that academic achievement is a good indicator of intelligence. However, who you know, right place right time, allied to a selfish, overblown self-opinionated narcissism, are traits not hard to spot. All this outfit does is massage the system. It ignores the despots, well apart from Snotty and his crowd and fails to identify those capable of extreme brutality to achieve power. Sorry, BBC, your breathless window licking does not inspire Oldrightie. I bet Jesus nor Mohammed would have got an invitation. Did Gandhi?


  1. If you aspire to be a future "world leader" it also helps to be a member of a Satanist-orientated secret society, like the "Skull & Bones" of Yale. Alternatively, you can graduate from Oprah Winfrey's elite black-women-only school in Africa. Or hail from a homosexual, kiddie-fiddler perspective. If you're a regular, decent, normal person with no vices, on the other hand, you've got NO FUCKING CHANCE.

  2. Almost certainly part of that shady, semi-secret organisation 'Common Purpose'. Politics and big business are rife with it in the UK and, unsurprisingly, so is the BBC. Hence the self-promoting article.

    I will be doing a post on this subject very soon ;-)