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Sunday, 27 March 2011

The UK's Qaddafi.

Just Listen To This Imbecile.

We need a reality check. "Ed Miliband addressed crowds in Hyde Park at the TUC rally, claiming "this is the Big (brother?) Society" and added "we stand today not for the minority – we stand today for the mainstream majority of Britain". He claimed that the next generation would pay the price for the measures taken by the current Government. "The next generation to whom we owe the promise of Britain should never have their hopes and dreams sacrificed on the altar of dogmatic deficit reduction in this country." (Nah, sacrifice them on debt and printed, worthless money, Ed.)

You, you little creep, stand for the Union bully boys and all that is the nightmare the "mainstream" suffered and continues to suffer thanks to your ghastly Party and it's people. Bully boy Balls, Bliar and his bloodstained but billionaire stuffed hands and pockets. Not forgetting the pension robber, cheap gold seller and cuckoo occupier of 10 Downing Street, that unbelievably inadequate, nose picking scruff you so worshipped. You and that brother you so ably stabbed in the back now whinge about future generations and their misfortune. This hypocrisy and convenient memory cloak is astounding even by your dubious and incompetent standards. Your bag carrier and all round arse hole, Liam Byrne told us all "there's no money left" so now you have the gall to join the self-interested and all round destroyers of our Country, the Union Barons. Wonderful friends you keep. All the money they can filch from their pathetic members to lavish on the busted flush that is Labour. One agenda only, the destruction of any doctrine not steeped in the enslavement of the public and the workforce. You so easily forget, my Wallace and Gromit lookalike, that in 13 years in office your lot left this Country bereft of savings and pensions and mortgaged generations into debt. The present incumbent is little better but still dwarfs your crooked mouth, worn on one side from getting round Snotty's underwear when required. To have to witness the likes of you, Hain, Balls and his androgynous Mrs, bounding round the schoolboy politics beloved of the Trade Union pygmies, is distasteful in the extreme. Add to the mix that menopausal harridan, Harman, wife and MP placement giver to her Union hubby and suddenly the Coalition looks OK again. Keep up the good work. This Country is beginning to understand lies, deceit and political opportunism when they see it. We certainly do not want your despicable history back on the stage of power any time soon. Incidentally where's your mate Lord Kiddy-fiddler? You may well need his services ere long. Just as Snotty did when the wheels came off. Didn't do much good but did help the cnut get a fat job with a bank, bless.


  1. Great rant and completely justified, I fcking hate that cnt very enthusiastically.

  2. There's nothing like a good rant on a Sunday morning. Do you feel a little better?

    I'm inclined to agree with your hatred for him. I despair that THAT is the opposition.

    No wonder the incompetent Bullingdon boy is walking on air. He has no competition across the dispatch box. And when you think about the opposition's top people, you see how such useless, incompetent, brain dead, no hopers as Vague and Foxglove aren't being beaten to a pulp.

    He'd have done better to stay away from that rally. He's a pathetic public speaker. He couldn't raise any enthusiasm (and you're right, I'd never noticed before but he must have been pretty near the top of the ugly tree when he fell off).

    I was encouraged by yesterday’s efforts. They thought to have 100,000 and depending on which organ you read/listen to/watch there were 150,000 (BBC), 400,000 (Telegraph) or 500,000 (Indy).

    It does seem that people may have grown some balls. Ordinary hard working British families, so much beloved of the politicians when they are trying to extract sympathy from the crowd, took to the streets because the fabric of their lives was disappearing in front of their eyes, while the people who caused it all continued to buy Armani suits, ski at Klosters and organise a super-huge wedding, including inviting murdering bastards who are their friends, and against whom, you would have thought, our esteemed prime minister might very well have gone to war (King of Bahrain), seeing how they kill their own people randomly. Nice to be able to afford dinner for all these folk, and nice that the population can afford the massive security bill, especially when they can no longer afford to buy petrol or take a holiday.

    I never thought I’d see the day when people like me, who deplore any kind of violence, ever, anywhere, would be watching the news delighted to see what was happening yesterday. But when people protest quietly, no one takes a blind bit of notice.

    En ces matières, Il faut prendre les leçons des français.

    PS: How's the garden coming on? Mine is starting back to life and I have a (very small) Yuka to plant out!

  3. PPS: Who's the kiddy fiddler. Did I miss that, or did they just manage to keep it quiet?

  4. Morning OR - you really are on form of late!

    tris - may I refer you to the contents of this article:

    I know one should use a pinch or two of the old NaCl occasionally but this has the appalling ring of truth about it.

    Like you I abhor violence, truly; but I am (regrettably) good at it having been trained over many years. If I were to happen across this particular piece of filth I fear that it would be over in seconds and the recipient of my loathing would be casting round for a hat in which to gather his teeth while I was hauled before the beak to explain myself :)

  5. Hanging is far too good an end for some people. The names of such people are peppered throughout your commendable article. I long to see the day when these traitors are brought to trial.

  6. Thanks OR, I was assaulted by the visage of 'Lord" Levy on the goggle box this morning - much too upset to put my feelings into words.

    You have done so admirably.

    Aaaaaahhh. No. Hain now - I'm off out.

  7. Thank you all for your kind support. Tris, the garden is awakening like a virginal bride, with speed, colour and invitation! As for "Kiddyfiddler", Lord Fondlebum of Fay Foy, no less. Aided and abetted by the biggest cover up ever. As shown in this link from Caratacus.

  8. Spring is Sprung, the Grass is Ris
    I wonder where the birdies is?
    The birdies they are on the wing,
    The birds are on the wing,
    I'd like to stick a Browning
    Up a Labour-voter's ring!!

    I shall dedicate that to OR, and to all the enthusiastic and like-minded members of the group that gather in this most auspicious place.

    I get so sick of hearing Millipede, Balls, FunnyMan Bob Crow and all the other socialist vermin telling us how the Coalition have got this spending review wrong, and that theirs is the only answer.

    So much so, that I'm thinking of voting Labour just to help them get back into power, so we can see EXACTLY how they are going to cataclysmically fail - never, ever to be re-elected.

    What a lovely day it's been, by the way.

    Speaking of which OR, your copse looks great - much love and more power to the elbow of the guv'nor, Mrs OR!!

  9. Thanks for tht information. i should get out more maybe.

    Garden is looking magic. You're so lucky; I've so little to work with.

  10. @tris - sometimes there are powerful arguments for staying in...

    killem - your poem reminded me of a favourite Bronx effort:

    "Toity poiple boids,
    Sittin' on de koib,
    A-choipin' and a-boipin'
    An' eating doity woims"

    Aah but OR's garden must be stiff with birdsong at the moment.

    Socialists would never understand the simple power in DH Lawrence's couplet: "I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself."

  11. Your undeserved praise will drive me off the blogging game! Most humbly received and thank you.