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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Time To Give Us Our Money Back.


As more and more incredible images are published of the might and power of nature to wreak havoc on the puny existence of mankind, we can be certain that the AGW rubbish will not be retracted by the people out to screw us even more than nature herself. 

Just one of hundreds of articles here, tells us that all is OK and these horrendous costs won't impact on our world. Yet 

this one gives us a snapshot of how it does. Hoon Huhne and the rest of the powerful few don't notice the price we have to pay for their blind adherence to their stupidity. Give me one week to scrap this climate change dreadful burden being placed on us all, a day to punish the real polluters of our planet via their globalisation fraudulent practices and a couple of years to up new oil finds and we can change all our lives for the better. Won't happen of course. As the might of the 25cm shift of the planet's axis, from the earthquake, begins to appear and to affect our climate, the idiots will revert to their mantra of "it's all yours and my fault".

As said elsewhere, Government's never admit to getting anything wrong whilst in office.


  1. Ah the 'Climate Change Levy'.

    A mechanism to secure wages & grants for the otherwise-unemployable; to stifle & hobble British Industry; and so drive productive jobs to countries which would use more energy creating more CO2 to produce similar goods.

    Which would then have to be transported, using yet more energy & producing yet more CO2, to the UK.

  2. When will people waken up to the absurd practice of someone selling you air?

  3. Selling fresh air, central banks printing money out of thin air, it all getting to be surreal, the lunatics are in charge.

  4. All most pertinent comments which seem to be beyond our rulers to understand.