Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Plus Ca Change.

Or Not?

"All the rubbish spouted is just trite when guns and war are your first line of debate. I am ashamed to be a citizen of a nation bankrupt of morality and of wealth." Written just over a year ago.  This morning's post is prompted from this article and in particular these prescient words of maxim gun syndrome.  As is The USA arms industry. "The Kremlin is acutely aware that should the governments of Algeria, Libya and Syria be overthrown and replaced with Western-leaning ones, the Russian military industrial complex would lose around $10 billion worth of arms contracts with these countries. " 
All the clap trap about "humanitarian" motives, swept aside so easily by the internet. Intervention is never about democratic principles. Were that so Mugabe and his ilk would all be gone.
No longer do we need the MSM to spoon feed us the trite they so love to peddle. They carry on regardless, toeing the line in order to curry favour with the movers and shakers of the maxim gun philosophy and sell, sell, sell their media junk bonds to a gullible world.
The very same tactics are employed to promote The EU Federal juggernaut. One badly damaged by Germany's self-interest and the terrible failure of the Euro zone debacle, unravelling before our eyes. Bear in mind that were Qaddafi to retain control in Libya, Germany would garner favoured status alongside China and Russia. See, if you peek under the diplomatic skirts you see the ugly, naked, bare faced cheeks of the maxim gun syndrome. Weaponry and power, two cheeks of the same vision revealed! Were you to look for "The Maxim Gun" syndrome in this blog's search section, bottom right,  you will find that the Libyan campaign has a long pedigree on Oldrightie.

Update on the syndrome! So scary!


  1. Mugabe's being sidelined by the likes of the BBC and other leftie MSM organisations, because he's a typical African black despot, incapable of rational thought and hell bent on destroying a once fine country through his craven greed and bigotted ignorance.
    In this brave new world of equality, we cannot show a room-temperature IQ negro buggering everything he touches up. It might put people off having black leaders in predominently white countries, like the USA for example. Then what would Oprah Winfrey do with all her graduates from her elite "Leadership Acadamy for Girls" (LOL!) F*** me, they'll be even more hopelessly useless than Mugabe - if that's possible!

  2. LOL Anon. Beautifully written. Although in fairness I think Mugabe is actually quite bright. Evil and mad, but bright

    But I do agree about teh leadership acadmey for girls. I can just remember Mrs Thatcher's period of office, and that has put me off ever having a woman leader, although, she too was undoubtedly intelligent. Getting a double first from Oxford when your parents aren't rich involves having a very decent brain! So, just like Mugabe, evil and mad, but bright.

    Cameron on the other had is just dim and dull, and probably not clever enough to be mad, or evil. But his parents were indeed very rich.