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Thursday, 24 March 2011

An Open Letter To "Call Me Dave."

Which he Will Never See Or Will Ignore.

Dear Prime Minister,
This humble little blog is all I have to vent my ire and outrage against the class of citizenry of which you are the titular head of. I and my generation remain microscopic gnats on your radar. I hope with all my heart, however, that one day I may strike an elusive chord and our 24/7 world will sit up and take notice. Somehow I hope for a burst of fame to allow my puny efforts to have an influential "Macbeth" strut.
I appreciate you inherited a nation wrecked by generations of your predecessors, all manipulative, lying and damaging to this stricken land once so proud of its culture and decency. Much of the rot set in, of course, with that unpleasant man, Edward Heath. Thereafter it was a race to the top jobs in that fraudulent, corrupt edifice which now rules over you and I in the guise of a European Federal State.
Now here's the rub. You pretended to be eurosceptic to gain this coalition leadership that may well turn out to be a poison chalice. How overjoyed I was to see that ghastly inadequate unelected PM, Gordon Brown partly defeated and his bunch of leftie, champagne hypocrites chucked out.
Now, just a brief few months later, barely one year on, look what we face.
Roaring inflation, higher taxation, another conflict we can ill afford and stalemate in our economic wilderness. A wilderness exacerbated by the sick, rudderless and stupefyingly stupid, rusty old supertanker that is the 
 EU. As Portugal teeters on the brink and peers over the edge of an economic precipice, holding hands with Ireland, Greece, Spain, Belgium et al, what do you do? Go to war, again.
You will have to mouth those hurried, meaningless words of pseudo condolence, so beloved of our parliament of Fools, ably corralled by a bullying buffoon and wife abuser from the whips office, who claims your loyalty, despite a litany of expenses fraud. Today two more soldiers have died needlessly in the pit hole that is Afghanistan and graveyard of many Russian young men, sacrificed on the altar of greed and power.
You, Sir, are a disappointment even greater than that Scottish mad man. Our troops are still dying, our streets still unsafe from a hidden army of unknown and untold numbers, shipped in to gerrymander the electorate for the left and which you remain fearful of upsetting.
If only you could grow a" pair", to use an unpleasant modern idiom. If only you would just say stop to the Afghan debacle, leave Qaddafi to do his worst and above all else get us out of the desperately expensive European club of debauched scoundrels. A place in history you might welcome would await you. £89 billion pounds wiped off the annual membership cost would transform this oil producing nation overnight. Add the billions saved on pulling out of Afghanistan and scrapping the Libyan adventure, kill off Trident and arm us to the teeth with high tech defences and troops, aircraft and ships then quit NATO. You could always go back in for a fee payable to we poor cannon fodder Eloys, after all.
We are a very small country. Let's live as one. Follow the Scandinavian, low profile path in the world. We don't lose any moral high ground in that direction and it's affordable.
Still, what do I know?

Yours sincerely,



  1. Nice words. I too, hope to see that day come....

  2. Excellent - it's just a shame that, if it IS ever seen, it will make not the slightest difference to our rulers.

    But, as long as we are free in mind, we have the chance to prevail - but it won't be easy. And it certainly won't be pretty.

    Thanks, OR - you're one of the good guys.

  3. Very well put, OR. I long for the day when we can assemble the yet living traitors and execute them William Wallace style. They didn't fuck around in those days (Google it). Now I could happily sit watching a public spectacle like that all day over prezels and beer. As for the dead Traitors like Heath, and the moribund ones like Thatcher, we should dig up their carcases and dump their rotting bones into the far North Sea. Then just for good measure, salt their empty graves.
    You know it makes sense.

  4. It must be upsetting for you to know that your own party leaders are such wimps OR, because I know the hope you carried prior to the election.

    What I still don't understand is why Cameron is giving so much policy making to the Libdems. They seem to be setting main policy and not the Tories.

  5. ++ Leaps to feet and leads standing ovation for OR ++

    Well said that man.

    It may well be that some junior LibConDem arse-wipe will be reading this as he peruses the interweb, with a sounding rod in one hand and a grudge collector in the other.. in which case perhaps that interlocutor would be so good as to add my less exalted thoughts to those of OR: - I forgive David Cameron and the Clegg-thing for their folly.

    It is not their fault. It is always a mistake to expect more of a man than he is able to give... and as we look in vain for leadership, for integrity, for plain-speaking and for far-sightedness it is plain that these qualities are entirely lacking in the personae of the aerslings mentioned above.

    Men like OR are the backbone of this country. As you hand over what is left of Britain to the feral illiterates who infest our society, to the grasping zombies in the banks, to the unwelcome aliens who take our charity and spit in our faces, and to the unelected fuckwits in Europe, please do not affect surprise when OR and people like him judge you and find you wanting.

    Better to be remembered for being an honest man than a compromising knave.

  6. I am flattered and thrilled at your kind support, for which I thank you all most warmly. I still believe a reckoning will come, even if not in my lifetime. Sadly it will be at the horrific expense of our future generations' comfort and prosperity.

  7. Well said, OR - as you know, I held this view about Cameron since very shortly after the election last year - he's been a huge disappointment to conservative voters and has shown himself to be yet another NWO/Europhile/Globalist/Bilderberg, useless bag of shite and a political pygmy!

    Cameron is allowing the LimpDumbs to dictate policy because he's a Lefty Libtard masquerading as a Tory and actually agrees with them! They are the convenient excuse he uses to circumvent his Right-wing backbenchers!

  8. Oldrighty for PM!!!!!!

    You've just said what most of us feel!! Good on ya!

  9. Dave is just another socialist. God knows how he took over the Conservative Party.

  10. I imagine Mr Fowke, because the vote of the South East of England, which is the only vote that REALLY matters, wants something like Blair, but not Blair. Cameron is good enough. He’s a bit fatter than Blair but not obese yet, and his Botox is MUCH better

    They seem to like that sort of thing teh English. Damned if I can understand it, but of course the voters of England are as foreign and unappealing to me, as the foreigners in the EU, except that they have the decency to speak Her Majesties English... not like the frogs or the spics.

    And then, there’s the problem of all these wogs and fizzy wuzzies coming to England and taking all the jobs for the decent upstanding hardworking British people. It’s not fair and someone should do something. Maybe we could go to war with them.

    If only we could just get rid of the whole shooting match of them there would be jobs for all our proud hardworking people.

    But total fuckwits like Cameron who know no other world but Eton and Oxford, Wimbledon, Lords and the likes, probably think that we need them to be butlers and things like that, not realising that there are some of us who have no least while the economic downturn is on. Perhaps we could send them back for just now, and when we all need servants again we could I suppose, like we did the last time, you know, when all our men were killed by the crouts and nips, bring 'em all back again.

    You can't put them in boxes for storage can you? No, I thought not. Pity that.

  11. ^
    Oh, dear - sack your doctor, Tris, the meds aren't working!

    Just a small point, but actually the public didn't elect Cameron as Conservative Leader, the Lefty infiltrators infesting the Party did that - so, when presented with that undesirable fait accomplis at the general election, many people felt forced to vote for him just to get rid of Gorgonzola Brownfinger and communist ZaNuLieBore!

    It's surely not too difficult to understand that particular predicament if you put your mind to it, eh?!

  12. Hmmm Barking, "meds" how American and ever so cool! Quite 20th century!

    I didn't say the public directly elected Cameron. I realise that it was the Tory party, ironically by a PR method. Maybe he doesn't know that though.

    Of course I was assuming that the Tory Party were in some way representing their public, the constituencies and the voters, but that may have been naive of me.

    Of course they could have had Mr Fox or Mr Davies. I wonder why they went against them. Maybe it was that after a couple of grocers’ children, and the offspring of music hall performer, they probably thought it was time to get the Tories back to the playing fields.

    I suspect that actually the current knob is more right wing than he appears, but pretended to be more human when he was electioneering, agreeing to take off his tie and give the impression of being in the same room as some black people and, after the election, needing the Liberals for his only chance at the top job for which his background so adequately prepared him, he was forced to a more centrist agenda. Fortunate indeed for him that Clegg, despite his northern working class name, is actually a ‘toff’ too, despite having immigrant blood!

    The English public can hardly be blamed for voting Tory at the last election, I will grant you. It must have seemed to them that the Dark Lord would be better than the incompetent, bumbling north Britisher and his team of 3rd raters. It’s a pity that they were obliged to inflict their difficult choice upon the rest of the nations of the union.

    I’ll grant you that there are things I find difficult to understand, but voting methods are not included within their number. But on the subject, since you were so patronising to me, can I point out that it is either “fait accompli” or “faits accomplis”; the adjective “accompli(s)” being in agreement in number with the noun (fait(s). Eh indeed!

  13. Two dear pals need to kiss and make up, please. We need all the united revolutionaries we can muster!

  14. Ahhh now you're talking my language OR. Revolution I mean, not that soppy kissing stuff LOL.

  15. Add my name to that letter, please, OR.

    The Major Chalmondley-Warners and the blue-rinse brigade must be going nuts, now that Blue Labour is in power!

  16. Sorry about that, OR.

    Perhaps I misread the comment and misconstrued its meaning and interpreted it as being extremely patronising before my brusque reply to the author....... but then again, perhaps not!

  17. Agreed. Apart from Trident.

    P.S. Trials for traitors.

  18. Interesting that you should want to keep Trident Stewart, given that you seem to agree with the rest of what OR was saying.

    I can't see any point. There may have been some in the days of the cold war, and of course something of a cold war could maybe, possibly, one day come back.

    But it is not an independent weapon, the Americans control it. No British pm would ever use it without express permission from the American president. If we must be involved, so broke we are that we are punishing OAPs by taking their heating allowance away from them, would it not be a better idea to simply contribute financially to the American system. It’s win win. It would save us billions, be safer, and we would be spared the humiliation of having to ask for the codes. On the other hand it probably would spell the end of our seat on the Security Council. But as we usually vote the way America votes, surely that would matter much.

    And it costs a fortune. The wars that we seem to rejoice in fighting to prove that we are still an imperial power in the case of Cameron (“we cannot stand back and watch this dictator kill his own people”), or an obedient, fawning, toady in the case of the moronic poodles Brown and Blair, don’t require this kind of weapon (even someone of Cameron’s limited intellect would realise that a nuclear missile to Tripoli would go down well with the rest of the world...maybe even George Bush would have tutted at the idea). So again I ask, is it worth money that we apparently don’t have...

    Anyway, with OR’s indulgence, I’d be interested to hear your arguments for keeping it.

    Off topic a little, but does anyone have any idea why Mr Cameron felt soooo strongly about Mr Gaddafi killing his own people that he rushed around the world by telephone working like a little diplomatic beaver trying to get nations on board for military action against him, but seems to feel less strongly about the fact that the Syrian and Yemen dictators are doing the exact same thing?

  19. Tris, there are some possibly good answers to your question in the link in today's post.