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Friday, 18 March 2011

One Of Those Times

When It Feels Good To Be A Person.

Not withstanding power crazy politicos and so forth, just spare a moment to reflect on those workers at Fukushima. "Brave technicians fighting to avoid a nuclear catastrophe in Japan have sent heart-breaking messages to their families while admitting that they know they are on a " suicide mission." Taken from here. As at Chernobyl, these brave, self-sacrificing people have chosen to put their lives and a painful demise before fear, altruism and even their own families, for the good and safety of others. What a contrast to the bankers, politicians and despots of the world. They show a revolution against the pathetic greed of such individuals and a hope for all of us that, maybe, one day such selfless acts will bring about a better world. These are acts repeated by those standing, unarmed, before tanks and missiles to state their own humanity. Dauntingly humbling and uplifting at the same time. May God go with them.


  1. Well said OR. It takes a genuine bravery to be so selfless.

  2. Thanks for reminding your readers of their bravery.

    I vividly remember to TV pictures of the brave Soviet helicopter pilots trying to control the radiation leakage from Chernobyl

    [Watching the TV pictures of helicopters dumping water (not very successfully) on the Fukushima buildings makes me wonder why pumps & fire-hoses weren't used to spray sea water directly onto the buildings.]

  3. It is also being noted the polite reserve of those affected in patient queues for food rations, lack of looting, shouting or angry behaviour. The daughter of a women, found dead and buried under her collapsed house, was filmed as she thanked the policeman who had found her mother by bowing and discreetly praying. Whether this reserve lasts when preparation for tsunami effects and the wisdom of building nuclear facilities on fault lines is questioned remains to be seen. For now the Japanese police and army are on the people's side.

  4. Yep, amongst all the crap are some diamonds.

    I'm full of admiration for these people.

    Like JP above, thanks for noting this.

  5. There has always been people like this. Unfortunately, the world ain't changing any time soon. There are too many of the other sort.