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Friday, 4 March 2011

Once A Pig Always A Pig

Well, nothing seems to have changed much while I've been away then. The dirty, duplicitous, thieving pig snouts are still in the taxpayers' trough despite the fact that the ladies and gentlemen wankettes and wankers of Westminster are supposed to have 'learnt lessons', it's imperative that 'we all make cutbacks' especially now that 'we're all in this together'.

Yeah, right.

For example we see Lord Prescott of Allhecaneatshire (link NSFW) once again gorging himself to excess on taxpayers' money by claiming £800-a-fucking-day parliamentary expenses last year. However, it appears that even that flabby fat fucktard has been eclipsed this time by, fellow champagne swilling socialist, Eric Joyce MP. The convicted drink driver from Falkirk has been awarded the dubious honour of being the first MP to accumulate over 200-fucking-thousand-pounds, in expenses, in just one year.

What the fuck! Where will it all end?

Well not at the MoD, that's for sure. The New Labour 'spend, spend, spend' mentality continues unabated as we see that they have been spending more than £20-a-time on 65p light bulbs and £103-a-fucking-time on screws that are easily available for just over 2 bastard quid!

Christ on a twatting bike! There's more!

Those two thieving bastard Labour MPs, David Chaytor and Jim Devine, who have been convicted of stealing money and defrauding taxpayers were even allowed to carry on claiming parliamentary expenses AFTER they were charged with the offences. Including … wait for it …. more than 30-fucking-thousand-bastard-pounds, of OUR money, in … 'winding up expenses'!

They should be sent directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect thousands of pounds. Yep! It's monopoly alright but not as we know it. It's the special edition 'Monopoly of Westminster' where playing conditions are simple ....  'one rule for us and one rule for them'.

It's no wonder this country has turned into a shithole. No-one in Westminster gives a flying fuck about the people that they are supposed to be working for. And as for that chinless, spineless, duplicitous, 'wouldn't know how to tell the truth if his lorry load of make-up depended on it', David Cameron …. what's the fucking difference between his spin lies, list of broken promises and a failure to show respect for the electorate and those of the 13 years of Labour fuckwittery.

Go on. Tell me. I'd really like to know.

What a total cluster fuck!

*Gotty leaves room for a lie down*



  1. Well the good folk of Barnsley hate Bliar Mk11 so much they've elected another Liebor MP...

    There's an old joke: "Tha' can always tell a Yorkshire man, but tha' can't tell 'em 'out"

    Don't spend too much time having a lie down - O/R's week away isn't over yet...

  2. Gotty - I bring hot sweet tea and this is Jamil the punkah wallah, he will be providing the cooling breeze in just a mo (off you go Jamil, good fellow - fan mark 2 I think).

    This is why you are so desperately needed back on your own site Gotty. You speak (and rant, and foam) for us all.

  3. With a beer as he went:)

  4. Calm down Gotty. It's only money.

  5. "It's no wonder this country has turned into a shithole. No-one in Westminster gives a flying fuck about the people that they are supposed to be working for"

    Thats the reason all this thieving was allowed in the first place so the EU NWO could enslave us all.

  6. When do we take to the streets?

  7. Barking Spider, the questions should be, "Why have we not yet taken to the streets?" and "Why are all fraudulent claims from the public purse not treated in the same way?"

  8. @UK Fred

    I agree completely....... but better late than never. ;-)

  9. Someone needs to jam a few 100watt lightbulbs up Cameron's exit hole... sideways.

    Would shine a light on when he talks through his backside. This would have the added benefit that everytime he opened his mouth he would light up like Blackpool Illuminations.

    AnthonyS... P.S. welcome back Gotty ;)