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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Oh No, Not Again!

An Ancient Debate.

I hate the manner in which individuals such as Gaddafi, Mugabe and a legion of other despots rape and murder their fellow citizens to further their own greed and arrogant stupidity. However should other countries interfere? As this "no fly zone" expensive enterprise unfolds, the perpetrators are praised with a degree of justification for holding off the mad man's vengeful family and their murderous intent on all those who wish a better and freer life.
This notwithstanding there are those, myself included, who wonder as to the moral and ethical conflict of world war two, as a rightful crusade against the awful atrocities of the axis forces, being compared with the interventions in The Middle East. Particularly Iraq and Libya. It is a mystery to me as to how The Egyptians toppled their ruling elite, with the army on their side, whilst the other states such as Bahrain, The Yemen and Libya cannot peacefully achieve such success.
Whether it is Sunni, Shiite or other tribal factors, I cannot say. What I will say is, can we in The West, hand on heart, say we were not and are not responsible, either for civilian deaths in Iraq on a large scale or possible similar outcomes in Libya?
It really is hard not to say that hypocrisy and my Maxim gun syndrome are the driving forces behind both Iraq and now Libya. It is equally tough not to see scary parallels with "heir to Blair's"  utter self belief that this really is a just and holy crusade. Sadly I see no other future but another debacle and fear for the consequences. Can I offer a solution? Not really, except did we do enough to ward of this present civil war? Bliar was supposed to have brought the mad man into the fold. Gaddafi's family became leading socialites, his sons the toast of all that the West's debauchery and palaces could offer. During all this where were the "experts" advising on what might be coming in this country? Where were the Manadrins' of the FCO and so called experts in the intelligence services? Not very good are they? As with The Taliban, eventually , "talks" have to happen , why never sooner rather than later?

Updatesome answers hidden here.,  possibly? Hat tip Old Holborn. Certainly very "Maxim gun syndrome" as stated back in 2009. so little changes.


  1. Rationality tells me that it is impossible to shift blame, share blame, distribute blame ... as blame, guilt, responsibility are matters taking place inside human beings singly and nowhere else. Nowhere. There is no such thing as collective responsibility in these matters, only collective abdication of responsibility. Each man is making his own individual decision.

    I will refuse to condone a path that threatens even one innocent person with death or mutilation. If I thought I could squeeze off one shot that would take out Gadaffi I would do it. That would be my choice and my responsibility and no-one else's.

    But not everyone can live their lives thus, so I try to live perfectly (kof kof) in an imperfect world ... but most people seem to be capable of living only in shades of grey and avoid the clear black and white. Because it's .. too .. damned.. hard.

    Still KBO ... :)

  2. Caratacus, my shades of grey have always threatened to overwhelm me, prevented only by flashes of colour. Usually associated with Mrs OR.