Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

No, No, No, No And Again No

I'll give some PR advice for free: It's impossible to polish a turd so fuck off Cathy … you clown!

• "I can't keep banging on about climate change, so I decided to express my thoughts about the planet through strong women, and the fact women are the guardians of culture," said Dame Vivienne Westwood
What's that fucking smell? Ah yes… fresh bullshit!

Fucked if I know!

Oh, for fuck's sake … didn't your nanny teach you not to talk to strangers!

I am, to be honest, absolutely fucking speechless!

Gotty ;-)



  1. What is it that attracts women to ugly blokes? It must be money, because they don't beat a path to my door...

  2. ".......all the charisma of a 3-week-old enema...."

    That has to be a candidate for a 'Comment of the Week Award'

  3. re your last item.
    When Tripoli burns won't it be fun to see how much of Mandelsons Mystery Millions came from the Gaddafis? (And Blairs).

  4. It was "..and a face that looks like the arse of a baboon, that's just come first in the world's ugliest baboon's arse competition.." that had me rolling on the floor :)

    Poor Lembit, he can't help it but he is one pug-ugly son of a bitch.