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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Libya Is A Side Show.

That Will Define Our Future.

This morning I took my fix of RT. It made me understand that my own fears for Western culture's increasingly rapid decline are well founded. My attention was drawn to  these words, "

“Those who started the war against Libya aren't aiming to help the opposition win” and it goes on in this chillingly accurate summary.

As I read this piece I could feel the ghost of Tony Bliar in the background.A man well aware of this scenario and a mighty instigator of The UK's fading wealth. In this piece we are privy to the kind of discussions and mentality driving our own Mandarin analysis and the selfish, pathetic guidance they  foist on their puppets and inexperienced youngsters in Government.
Behind all this cloak and dagger, Bliar quit smartly to pursue enough wealth and personal bolt hole locations as to secure his future from the imminent collapse of the New World order, imploding before us. The outcome of a failed EU, a sea change in the Middle East and the dreamt of Sino-American bloc disintegrating, as the USA fall victim to Chinese intellectual prowess, will be this. The Rothschilds will still be in the room but now less able to influence who sits at the top table. The relative affluent life styles of the West will have been bartered away. The Japanese attempt to rush their own economic fortunes forward will have isolated their position as a dominant economy. Their joining with The American dream will be proven to have been a massive error, swept away by the terrible events of the past five weeks. An event predictable and ill prepared for, as their leaders were distracted by the desire to compete in the global market place.
Our Western leaders have for too long feathered their own nests at the expense of all of us. We have permitted their shiny beads of occasional gifts to bribe us into falling for the confidence trickery of our murky Government corridors. 
In summary, the drive towards a Global, New World order has failed comprehensively, (beloved of the likes of Snotty Brown, Bliar and now Cameron together with the lying Heath, corrupt Wilson and even the rare talent of Maggie),  As the article in the link so well argues, the events around the world are all interwoven and highlight the dismal weakness of the West. We, or I should say, our hierarchy, have proven to be intellectually and morally bankrupt. The result is our physical bankruptcy. Doing deals with despots, the "real politic" as it is oh so cleverly referred to, has not worked. Temporary gain for eventual, long term gigantic loss was not clever. The EU is sooner rather than later, about to crumble. They are determined to take the UK with them. A third world war but the battlefields are more disparate. The trading houses of the market place are now unpleasantly entwined with the bloody sands of the Middle East. It was inevitable but our dimwits never had a clue. Though this bit of light relief below makes us feel they did!


  1. Since WW1 we've been playing this game.
    I aint supporting such at all.

  2. Yes. I see what you mean OR.

    Brilliant Yes Prime Minister. Bang on the nail.

    And people actually believe a word these people say. ha ha ha.

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