Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Labour, Socialism And Power In The Raw.

As Shown By Our "Son Of The Manse".

This ghastly man, Snotty Brown is in the news. As ever, for all the wrong reasons. Fraser Nelson sums up this hypocrite, chancer, bullyboy and all round rotten egg piece of excrement further, here.  My own attacks on this man were about his awful lack of fitness for office. About his bringing the Labour history up to date of telling us all to cough up every penny, whilst, like his Union pals and Bliar connections, continue laughing at us and dining out at our expense.As we continue to reel from his incompetence and theft of our coffers of gold and pensions, he is swanning around the world, in Bliar's footsteps, wringing every last penny from those gullible and stupid enough to fall for one of the most evil, devious, shirt lifting, Dunblane roll of honour candidates going. Funny how this never reaches daylight. or gets taken down or gets challenged.
It seems that being an all round piece of sh*t is a prerequisite of politicians and despots. Indeed all who crave power. A shame, really when there is so much better to be found in the world. In nature, music, friends and peace. Perhaps this aria of lost love sums up our human condition well in what might have or could have been but was not nor ever will be.


  1. What a shame. May you who oppose the rioters keep them at bay. I applaud your policy to cut your welfare state.

  2. Pure, undiluted scum, the lot of them. Put them all on a show trial then hang them. Let everyone with political ambitions see where Treason leads in the raw.

  3. Don't, OR. Just don't get me started............