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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Just Look At Them.

What A World Of Filth And Decaying Yobs.

Hey, Gang, here is the expensive face of kiddy abuse. If you've got the dosh and got the pals, anything goes. Pederast Director in Chief, our old buddy of blameless sleaze and Brazilian predilection, Lord Fondlebum of Kiddy fiddling. CEO of introductions for favours, poor innocent Fergie "my toes were not (s)ucked", awash with grief after discovering Andy Pandy sold their daughters, some ten years back, to Epstein's stable. Hell, it was for British trade and she trousered (pun intended) a wad plus some dosh as well.
Our beloved baldy bed hopper and stand in batsman for any side asking, neglected to advise the thick, lazy, gorged to the neck, so called aristocrat, that "trade envoy" did not include publicly flogging the slave trafficking industry, just because old Pete thought it a great idea. I bet you our old chum and dubious little schemer, Nat Rothschild has a few shares in this whole unsavoury enterprise. Probably head of Russian operations along with Deripasky.
A bloody long piece of mint to tug at here. Sadly not the fresh smell of that particular invasive herb, though. This is, if you don't get "wikileaked", the normal perks of a Bilderbergers lifestyle. We, the Eloys get to slave away for an airbrushed peek, as a little taster and treat at our good fortune to be the paymaster of these pathetic, dishonest and ghastly horde of creatures from hell. The MSM thrive on their complicit joke at our expense. No wonder they want Assange bumped off or locked up.
Don't forget these sh*ts have state employed protection officers to shield their activities. Probably those robots  get the dregs and cast offs, once their masters pathetic abuse bores them and they move ever on to the next poor kid to play new and more depraved games with.
This is what we know about. I dread to imagine the arrogant nastiness they pour over their victims disposable lives whilst gorging their arrogance at our footing the black and excrement filled purses around their waists. Sodom and Gomorrah, a saints' picnic compared to today. A whole international  conglomerate is geared to run this industry of filth and depravity. Aided and abetted by the weak and useless political classes, only too quick to jump aboard the train with its own cinema, for the final joy of snuff movie watching with your pals. What an audience that is. As international a trade gathering as you can imagine.All bartering in a business even more nasty than arms dealing. I'll leave you with a just released picture of one of their Corfu holidays. Count me out.


  1. Welcome back, OR. I enjoyed your on loan signing! Mind you, your softer approach to the English lexicon employment has, as here, its own brand of justifiable anger.

  2. Droit de seigneur bloated with the Droit de shyster - a very uncivilised partnership currently bound together until only death do them part - if only.

    Delighted to see you back as acerbically measured as always.

    Is your somewhat grouchy locum now resting in a darkened room awaiting further on-call?

  3. Thank goodness. Sanity has returned!

    OR, whilst you were away I seriously couldn't help worrying that Her Ladyship OR would inadvertently look in on the blog, and judge you to have taken complete leave of your senses.

    It was great to see Gotty on form; thank you for enticing him to pour scorn on those who deserve it - many people miss him. Sad lot, aren't we?

  4. I was a staunch Royalist - not much choice, really.

    Then the EU kicked in.

    I now perceive them - all of them, without exception - as over-privileged oxygen thieves. That thievery is on-going with Porky Prince Air Miles Andy, and will continue with the likes of the 'Princes' William and Harry Hewitt, and the Mouth Breathing Sisters Eugenie & Beatrice.

    They are pointless. They do nothing but live on their sense of entitlement and privilege. If Queen Brenda was to utter something of worth about the uselessness of the EU, I wouldn't mind, but she is also pointless. (Sorry, Ma'am, but that's how it is).

    I've met a few of the current Firm. They are OK-ish. Charles is as mad as a box of frogs, though.

    As far as I'm concerned, the future generations of the Royals are a crock of shite.

  5. Clarinda, thank you. KILLEM, "As far as I'm concerned, the future generations of the Royals are a crock of shite.". Still beat the 645 odd pillocks down the road!