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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Iran Threatens Olympic Boycott

Yes, Iran has threatened to boycott the London 2012 Olympics, apparently, unless the International Olympic Committee agree to change the design of the logo. Whhaaaat!! "That hideous excuse for a logo has been around for four fucking years now, so what took so long?", I hear you ask. Fuck knows but the Iranians reckon that it spells out the word 'Zion'. Hmmm, eyes half closed at twenty paces with a blindfold on … perhaps. Looks more like it spells out the words "Dinnerjacket is a bearded fuckwit who likes fiddling with under-age kids goats" ... if you ask me.

Anyway the EyeRainYuns, as George Dubya would say, are threatening to withdraw all its athletes from next summer's London 2012 Olympics unless something is done about it. Really? Oh, do fuck off. Like anyone else is going to care. Who's going to miss the appearance of the Iranian Synchronised Goat Fucking Team, one entrant in the 4x4 Married-too-many-hoes Hurdles and a second rate coxless pair in the Camel Appendage Two Handed Pumpathon, who are so obviously suffering from some serious B.O. issues.

No-one. That's fucking who.

Anyway, back to matters in hand. The logo. It's not the first time that the logo has been at the centre of complaints, it has been heavily criticised ever since first being unveiled in 2007, and has been compared to everything from a swastika to a load of bollocks; and from two people going at it like rabbits (hopefully of the opposite sex) to just a plain and simple … pile of shit.

An IOC official confirmed that a communication had been received from Iran, written in artificially coloured asses breast milk on the hide of a sexually abused gayer goat's butt cheek. However, he insisted that the logo "continues to represent the figure 2012 and nothing else" especially not Goatse or any other anal olympic antics you may care to think of. Meanwhile, a spokes-gayer-tree-hugging-tofu-eating-climate-science-is-settled-person, from The Guardian said ….. sweet fuck all that would be of any interest to anyone that works for a living. So I can't be fucked to type it.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Iran won two medals at the 2008 Olympics in China. A Gold in the 'Nuclear Research and Development is for Peaceful Purposes' Lying Through The Teeth Marathon and a rather splendid Leather, in the 'Sharia Law Paralympic 60 Metre One Shoe Soft Shoe Shuffle'.

So, on that note I'll leave you with the set of 2012 Olympic Stamps that I designed back in August 2009, when the New Labour scum were still clutching onto power, for all they were worth, and quietly building the biggest fuck-off-sized debt mountain this country has ever seen. All in the name of our grand children's heritage … and the 2012 Olympics, no doubt. And, as Old Holborn said at the time "When the party is over, the canoe courses, the velodrome and numerous other purpose built structures will slowly fall into decay or be converted to halal abatoires or madrases to cater for 'local needs'. What a bag of shite."


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  1. Postage Stamp No 2.

    With Harriet the Harrier + S O D (strap-on-dick) chasing our Sprinters, I foresee a record-breaking number of gold medals, as they desperately strive to out-run her.

  2. Man we missed you. A classic post, lightened my day. Thank you!

  3. Great to see you back - you haven't lost any of your old sparkle

  4. Yes, I have been laughing out loud, I admit.

  5. "asses breast milk" - where else do asses produce milk from?

    On second thoughts, don't answer that....