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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hogging The Limelight.

Well Trying To In America.

Despite his own history. he has the gall to write in The Wall Street Journal, "We are not spectators in what is happening. History, attitude and interests all dictate that we are players."  This rubbish. claims to accept the other areas in The Middle east in turmoil are OK to sort out their difficulties on their own. I can't quite grasp this logic. Why is Gaddafi's regime subject to UN resolutions and the other areas of the Globe quietly ignored? Unless, of course the noble Gaddafi clan are the owners of a measurable percentage of the World's known oil production. Surely not. Surely the soon to face elections, Sarkozy and his fellow players, such as that pillar of virtue, Berlusconi together with the "MAD comic" grinning Rompuy and sitting on the fence Merkel, have all just pure humanitarian principles to guide them? Surely Pseudo Dave's love of The EU project is behind his passion to spend yet more of our borrowed billions on chasing the dream of great and feted statesmanship. A dream that might catapult him into the first real and all powerful EU Presidency. Nah, he couldn't be as mad as his mentor, Bliar, could he? 
It's all such a mystery. Bahrain Prince good, Saudi King likewise. Yemeni rulers just so special. All presumably platinum card carrying members of the New World Order and anxious not to allow a scruffy, can't hold his cocaine habit madman into the club. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out. Iraq, anyone?

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  1. O/T You haven't been taken in by all this AV crap, have you, OR?