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Thursday, 17 March 2011

A Glimpse Behind The Scenes.

Of Realpolitik.

"In Hamlet there is a dramatic shift from the culture of communal ties and solidarity to one of mass paranoia and narcissism."
Today we have this utterance from Mad Gaddafi. "Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi dismissed his Western partners in an exclusive interview to RT, saying he will give all the country’s oil contracts to Russia, China and India."  A new world order not expected by our lot! That notwithstanding we can see in this piece how so many western powers have been chary of upsetting the guy. Furthermore we are assured that we have to do business with despots to ensure peace and prosperity at home. Note, however, how little our own oil production has benefited the UK people. Note how the dash to a pan European State and globalised, too big to fail banks and corporations have manipulated our lives. To what avail? The Middle east suppressed peoples are having a go, unaided by the West, at least publicly. The despots they are angry against are playing their global clients like pawns on a chess board. Useful only for a short period.
As in Hamlet, we are witnessing the death of cultures and the rise of new empires. Globalisation turned upside down just for the desire to change the Bilderberger membership and present dominance.
Against all of this machination comes the force of nature, possibly unleashed, as I suggested yesterday, via a complimentary and childish shove by man. This is the same force that created the human psyche. A trait equally capable of great good as well as evil. It's a shame the latter is the most prevalent.



  1. How little Scotland's oil has benefitted the UK? Where do I start. Let's start with Mrs Thatcher and her destruction of heavy industry. Our oil money paid the dole of the thousands left unemployed.

    The channel tunnel and the M25 - paid for by oil money and the list is endless.

    The current welfare state is paid for by oil money.

    If oil revenue was taken out of the equation we would have been bankrupt back in the 80s.

  2. It is going chaotic but then it always does.

  3. Subrosa, maybe the capital projects south of the border were financed by English oil and gas?

    As for Maggie's intervention, this was post the destruction, by Labour and their Union pals, of our industry. Particularly mining, steel, shipping and motor industries. All of those throttled by union militancy, aided and abetted by those whose coffers the unions did and still do control.

  4. Whose oil is an interesting question but the illegal moves by Westminster to attemmpt to reverse coastal boundary agreements are highly suspect.'s%20oil,%20-%20read%20the%20details%20and%20amounts,%20with%20the%20geographical%20details.%20In%20the%20section%20on%20Scotland's%20resources.

    An interesting academic and well referenced review of the situation. Neither Scotland nor England would have objected had the oil revenue been used for necessary and justified iniatives affecting all of the UK but it would appear to have been the cushion default fund allowing some woeful expenditure on hapless political projects. At one point in England the NHS had five managers/admin for every one nurse!
    I gather we may be producing more oil than Libya with some conservative 300 years reserves and exactly how much are we paying at the pumps to drive over some of the worst road surfaces in Europe!

  5. Sorry about the typos today - must be the full moon!