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Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Futility And Hypocrisy.

Western Decay.

The image above shows the knife and fork of decades of Western manipulation based on ignorance and power crazy delusion. As Japan reels from nature's reality and the puny state of human kind, the climate change mantra that such weakness can alter nature is shown for the hubris it is. The same goes for the stupidity that globalisation is the way to go. Sure, it benefits the growth of a powerful and controlling elite but fails dismally to address local issues and needs, peculiar to local climate or natural vulnerability to the might of nature, in volcanic, earthquake or tsunami havoc.
Add to all this the unfairness of despotic elites now dominant world wide, including the UK and The EU's greedy and corrupt hand for power. Then compare those leaders and their monetary failure, that has left us all impoverished of spirit and of wealth. This is a story untold in the West for fear of upsetting the power that controils, (a new OR word, think about it!) for the time being, the largest oil producer in the Middle East.
Add to that the weak sitting on the fence of our Western cliques over the genocide in Libya. Probably stirred up by The USA in a fit of peek for losing out on deals to BP.
As you consider these points, you may realise the crumbling of this global edifice is a natural consequence of greed and centralised power. The pretence that Tesco and McDonalds are a force for the unification of mankind and fitting companions to spread the word that arms sales and power in the hands of a central elite is the way to go, looks ever more stupid. What, I ask myself, do our Pseudo Daves, Obama Ding Dongs, Berlusconni Sex addicts and the world of paedophlia dominated Mandlesons, Milliband Banana dorks et al actually achieve? Massive unfunded projects, forgotten, failing wars, corrupt financial dealing all thrive. That  whilst people starve, nuclear power stations are prolific in a country plagued with earthquakes and sitting on fault lines every bit as enormous as our leaders incompetence and arrogant betrayal of the human race. It's hard not to go all Biblical and start considering the wrath of The Almighty just might be riled! 
I hope he helps the people of Japan and throughout the world. Our leaders will only gawp helplessly and maybe open up more talking shops and begging bowl outlets, for causes they constantly engineer or overlook. Shame on the lot of them.



  1. As you know OR I am not a religious man, but I do tend to agree with Kant that a truly moral man acts on principle rather then inclination ... however, that doesn't mean I do not want to give our beloved leaders a slap. Bastards.

    Point is, if they HADN'T frittered all the money away on themselves, their friends, the wall of whichever hostelry they are infesting this week, unnecessary wars, ad nauseum then there would be more for everyone to enjoy a better life.

    I could never be a socialist. Ever. But I do tend to see where they're coming from sometimes. :-)

  2. Surely, if it wasn't for Global Warming, the two tectonic plates wouldn't have expanded quite so much, and the earthquake would have been less severe.

  3. Caratacus, we are common sense socialists! Joe, nice one.

  4. I'm waiting for the hand wringers to start moaning that not enough Japanese died in their earthquake just because they are an advanced country unlike poor old Haiti where many more died without bothering to mention that Haiti is run by a kleptocracy with no interest in building an infrastructure suitable for an earthquake prone country.

    The Royal Society came out with AWG causes volcanic activity rubbish last year (shameless plug)

    Volcanos "all our fault" Official.