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Monday, 7 March 2011

European Union Overview

My final posting at OR's place, before he returns refreshed from his week long break, is a brand new video that I've put together based on a familiar old GOT one. On this occasion I offer my opinion on those who 'run', and support,  that freedom fucking bunch of fuckwits known as the European Union, or the EUSSR as I prefer to call it. The video is short, not very sweet, straight to the point and, of course, NSFW.

Thanks to Old Rightie for letting me have the free-run of his place (I do hope he doesn't regret that decision too much) and thanks to everyone who has stopped by to read and comment on all the Grumpy Old Twatishness that's been appearing here, over the last week.

Gotty ;-)



  1. Brilliant, Gotty. It's made my morning - thanks :-)

  2. I like the slowed down voice for "HR" Ashton - it makes her sound like a bloke in drag (which she probably is).

    Knowing what usually happens I've saved a copy locally...

    I hope you "pop back" from time to time - your talent is too good to be wasted.

    Regards. MD

  3. @GV You're welcome. It was one of those things that I meant to get around to before I 'retired'. Glad I had the opportunity to do it now ;-)

    Amazing what you can do with the software these days. I thought it would be a rather fitting 'tribute'. One thing's for sure though, I wouldn't need any voice trickery for Nikki Sincaire ;-)

  4. Wonderful Gotty, summed up my sentiments exactly.

    Don't stay away too long.

  5. Just got back from a day fraught with general fuckwittery and was in an evil humour.

    Set to on the old puter front and thought I'd check out Gotty's final offering first.. :))

    All is now well. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I hear that Lady Mandelbum's got piles again (well - I made that last one up, but you know what I mean).

    Thanks Gotty. Muchly.

  6. All hail The Grumpster! A fitting way to bow out, Gotty. Now don't stay away too long. I hope the call of public service in exposing these cunts for what they are is too strong for you to resist!

  7. Thanks for a week of fun Gotty.

    With Mr Rightie returning, if your anger/sarcasm/cynicism is still unvented, have you considered asking Mr Dale if you may borrow his Blog? Iain only uses it as an advertising hoarding lately, so he could do with the readership boost your postings would bring.

  8. Great vid, captures Cafe Ashtray as the lizard 'lady' that she truly is.

    Ta for the week GOT, cum back soon.