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Saturday, 19 March 2011


Always Unintended By Arrogance.

As people still pour into the already overcrowded UK, I mused on where do they all go or will go in the future, as the inevitable rise in population surpasses 100,000,000 from the near 70 plus million today. Part of my thinking was driven by this pathetic and expensive census coming up. Further thoughts mulled on cuckolded AJ and his remark about being comfortable with these numbers. At odds with a more beloved figure in the shape of David Attenborough.  Better argued than I could ever do. Then we had Lord of The Pies and star of TV advertising, Prezza happy to see the UK concreted over. That total reliance on food imports and nuclear power to service these numbers passes these guys by.
More to the point is where is everybody? This and this will hardly show up in the "noncencus" we are to be dragooned into filling out. I might bill the authorities for my time, so long winded is this crap. As to the millions of Labour illiterates unable to read or write fluently, I know not that solution.
So I guess the answer to where everyone is to live is found in the articles linked to. Shanty towns in the urban sprawl spreading already into the countryside. A  desperate rush to build prefabs and to concrete the green and pleasant land, once such a joy to inhabit and fought so hard for. 
Think on, however, Japan and Tokyo. 35 million people in one vast conurbation now threatened with a massive catastrophe  the like we have never seen. Then realise that this is half our present suggested population in not much more space, per se. If you consider that not a problem, become a politician, for you'd be well qualified and might join the only career path likely to be well fed.


  1. And who exactly benefits from this overcrowding?

    The only result that I can see is a bloody civil war.

    God, I despise the fools who have brought this about.

  2. The beneficiaries are the store cupboard hoarders in Westminster and Whitehall, BJ.

  3. Dear Old Righty

    Strike out the word 'immigration' and substitute the word 'invasion' in the phrase 'mass immigration'.

    William the Conqueror brought 15,000 men to take England. That number arrive by invitation, enticement or by 'right' roughly every fortnight, and that is ‘net immigration’, after deducting the natives who are fleeing their homeland, making the demographic makeup of this land even worse. If we are not already there, wait a few more years and the maternity wards will be the main port of entry for ‘invaders’.

    Look to the fate of the Native Americans to see what is in store for Native Britons.


  4. Anon, indeed and don't forget Kosovo.

  5. They'd like to see us become the Hong Kong of the West; that much is clear. Pack us and stack us and pay us LCD slave "wages." That's where this on-going, open-ended, come one come all immigration trend has been taking us over the past 50 years under Tory and Labour alike.