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Sunday, 13 March 2011


Of Mass Immigration.

This possible omen links to the picture above taken from riots in Italy. The movers and shakers all over Europe have conspired to encourage mass immigration to foster the watering down of cultures and identities. In the UK Labour embraced this with a determined zeal to promote gerrymandering for themselves, on an unprecedented scale, proven fact. Faced with this new scenario, Pseudo Dave's merry band of expense cheats and deluded warriors run scared of upsetting this now substantial vote. The weasel words of an election campaign of lies and subterfuge from all three main parties leaves open the door to the ever burgeoning unrest typified by the Nazi rise to power in Germany. Anyone who thinks this will never become a reality needs a big thick history book. The only outcomes are genocide or civil war. Well done, you pathetic morons.
Indeed the stupidity of our whole power structure in the West is neatly discussed here. A brilliant piece,  Smart it's not!


  1. "Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it"

    I fear that Cameron, Clegg (and that appalling youth Miliband) and the senior Snivel Servants are all stupid enough to fail this country and permit the rise of a Hitler like figure in the not too distant future. The only slight puzzle is that I haven't been able to identify anyone with the necessary backbone and drive to take on the role...

    The only use for that big thick history book is to twat Cameron round his earole. But that is more a reflection on my many failings than his.

  2. I swear these globalist scumbags won't be happy until the entire world is a bland, characterless shopping mall, OR. Their idea of heaven is a Starbucks next to a McDonalds next to a Subway next to a Taco Bell next to a H&M next to a GAP next to a C&A next to a Burger King ad infinitem. All of our rich, national and regional cultural identifiers must be crushed out of existence. Paint the whole world beige! Our globalist controllers - via their lackies Dave, Nick, Gordon and Tony - insist we embrace this new sterlile world of mega corporations and wholey submit to its omnipotency. I am just thankful that I am of an age where small, independent, oak-panelled, quirky little shops of unique character still existed, although they are becoming an ever more distant memory. Starbucks will happily serve you half a bucket of its disgustingly insipid "coffee" - though the drink the starving Germans made from rotting acorns in the late 1940s probably tasted better yet cost nothing - and you are expected to smack your lips with the anticipated pleasure of it. "The Starbucks experience." Welcome to this Brave, New, Plastic World, people. And you are.

  3. I'm rather hoping for some cataclysmic event to occur to one or two 'parlaimentalists'. A high-profile mugging, a robbery at knifepoint, perhaps a serious molestation or perhaps a 'gangland slaying' - there's a phrase, 'gangland slaying' - perpetrated by Somalians / Nigerians / Romanians / (delete that which is inapplicable).

    The rarified atmosphere of the Westminster village and all the pampery that goes with it mean that this will never happen - they don't live in the real world, and my hope for a wake-up call to the great and the good just will not happen, although such shite will continue to befall us, the little people.

    Time to oust NuLab (red version and blue version, they're just the same), and the Limp Dumbs. Time to consider which will be the most viable alternative. UKIP, anyone?

  4. UKIP, anyone? Yes please, KILLEM. Terrific contributions, thank you all as ever. Drip, drip until the sods are forced to wake up, seems to be the slow, excruciating way to go. Sad the Libyans' attempts at freedom being quashed so brutally with the connivance of so many shits.

  5. The Lybian rebels have shit tactics. You can't engage a well funded and highly organised army on its own terms.

  6. The actions of major parties and their failure to control immigration is ensuring the rise of the extreme right as sure as night follows day.