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Monday, 14 March 2011

Bit late For That.

Incompetent Delusion At It's Best.

"William Hague has refused to rule out arming Libyan rebels, but said it was currently not possible due to an arms embargo."  Another jaw, jaw jamboree.  kicks off with these words foolishly and ridiculously spouted by our "Lad" from t'up North. Note the label here. For those not aware of the maxim gun syndrome, it stems from the selfish motives of powerful and rich arms traders for betting on both sides and thus arming both.
The last really big job was Saddam Hussein but it can be found throughout the last 150 years or so. A magical element of the globalisation obsession of the rich and powerful. An obsession as every bit as destructive as any tsunami. The rebels in Libya are freedom fighters destined to be crushed by the might of Gaddafi's fire-power, sourced from all over the world. You will find every banker, politician, arms dealer and prince, desperate for ever more money to fund their debauchery, linked, in this mega enterprise of death. The other big factor is playing both ends against the middle and betting on that centre, regardless of who gets to occupy it. This is a constant feature of our world and we remain the mushroom workers, enjoying what little wealth we can garner for ourselves to furnish the labour and skills, the invention and humanity, to employ this never ending stupidity. I guess that's why the likes of Hague get to do their "lighted fools" and "sound of fury" act. I suppose it has a sort of ghoulish symmetry.


  1. Finally! The prospect of some sanity returning to our beleaguered islands...

  2. Done, let me know how I can promote the pledge via this place. Contact is below.