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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Who Says MAss Immigration Works?

Well, It Obviously Does Not

It's not just this damning report this morning but also horrific stories of new born babies deaths and the utter chaos the most overwhelmed, urban centres are. With the failure of politicians to see that pachyderm in the waiting room that is behind this terrible loss of care and compassion so very much once the hallmark of The NHS. Crap, lefty placement mega salaried executives has hitherto kept the wraps on this terrible state of affairs. Only for the inevitable cracks to open up enormously. Ad to this an undisciplined, selfish, ill educated mass of useless, non-productive Eloys and we see the apocalyptic future we bloggers sadly predict. Well done the establishment, you have your BUPA fees, in the main, paid for by the rest of us. Lord, indeed, have mercy.

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