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Monday, 21 February 2011

Who is this least attractive despot's bag carrier?

Anything For A Big new Mansion.

The daily fail leads with this issue today.Of these three, or should I say four, despots, which would you say has the most blood on their hands, which is the biggest hypocrite and which one would you "lampost" first. For me, it has to be the biggest sleaze ball ever to hold office in the UK. It's not Snotty.


  1. Great minds, OR - 'they're all in it together' ! I don't think any of them have the right to assume the moral high ground. As for lamp-posting it's a toss-up between Blair and the entire EU who lifted the embargo on arms sales to Libya in 2004. Perhaps we could get a good price for a job lot?

  2. Thank you, GV. If enough of us keep on blogging we can bring this very same protestation to Europe.

  3. Not to mention that nice Mr Sarkozi and Romano Prodi for the evilEU. And Putin for good measure, all been there and done that.

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  5. Obama may have thought Gaddafi's little green book was where its at.
    Libya seems to be the worst of them all--out of the Mid-east protests.