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Monday, 14 February 2011

Which Subject Is The Most Boring?

Cuts Or Big Society?

This image is the only "big" society politicians and their food conglomerates have or ever will create. The whole nonsense is little more than wind and p**s. If a village, town or street comes together for a common purpose it is usually in spite of rather than because of so called politicians. The whole debate is just an attempt to look good by hijacking the inherent goodness that is only found in small and sparsely populated groups or communities. The "big" is the very failed experiment of mass immigration and by Pseudo's own admission, failed multiculturalism. 
As for cuts. More wind and pips. The expenditure forecast goes ever upward and the tax burden will get ever worse purely to pay for the stupidity beloved and inherent in our Government, subordinate to the EU as ever. Cuts are pure fiction as the morons battle to slow the rate of growth of a system well past its sell by date. Get out of Europe and quit Afghanistan. Lose the ridiculous world power label that is just a mouldy bit of cheesy posturing. Then we might see a drop in in insatiable need for our hard earned dosh. Wow, a pig just flew by the window.


  1. I'd also ask which is more fictional.

  2. All day on BBC News (mouth piece of New Labour): Big Society, Cuts, Big Society, Cuts, Big Society, Cuts, Big Society, Cuts.......etc.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I'm being brain-washed/bored to death.

  3. The cuts are real, cutting taxis for disabled schoolchidren, cutting bogs in Manchester, failing to clear snow and ice off the pavements, cutting the Armed Services to punish us for the coalition.
    I still don't understand the Big Society unless it is just an attempt to keep the state payroll down by funneling yet more funds into fake charities staffed by well remunerated flunkies and CEOs to carry out Govewrnment policy at arms length.Big Society = Fake Charities aka the Nu Quangocracy.

  4. That pig just passed my kitchen window OR - he do get about in his tea half-hour...

    Every time I hear about cuts on the beeb beeb ceeb an internal switch is automatically thrown so that my BP doesn't hurtle skyward.

    As banned so rightly points out, there ARE cuts, spiteful unnecessary party-political point-scoring cuts, but no reductions in public expenditure at all. In fact PE has increased EVERY MONTH since the Coagulation has been in office. But the gennal pubic is being blatantly guided and prodded by a partisan MSM.

    Watch it Caratacus you are at 200/120 ... red alert!

  5. Somebody far more erudite than I said that "The Big Society" will become the equivalent of Bliar's "Education, education, education".

    Wind and piss indeed, OR.