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Monday, 7 February 2011

Where's The Outcry?

To Save This Poor Guy?

Which of these men is the most guilty?

"AN Afghan man working for the Red Cross said he will be executed unless he converts back to Islam."  Karzai murderer. quite happily rakes in his dosh whilst corruption is honed into a two fingered gesture to the West. At first I assumed, when this was blazoned across the Sunday Times pages, he was a captive of The Taliban. When I realised he was in a state prison I expected we would see a massive reaction to this situation. Barely a peep and a deafening silence from the Islamic loving left brigades. I am appalled at the blithe acceptance that Islam good and perfection personified, all else bad. Still, when this is a frequent scenario throughout a Sharia Britain we will only have ourselves to blame. I also don't expect even a murmur from the luscious and fragrant Baroness Ashton or that straight kind of guy who masquerades as a Foreign Secretary subordinate to The Baroness and her pals.


  1. Yes, they do have a bit of a problem with apostasy still, don't they? In fairness to our discussion on the other post I don't know of any time even in the bloodier stages of Christianity's history where the standard penalty was, as it still is in so many Islamic countries, death. Lapsed Catholics can rub shoulders with those who believe, even talk religion with priests, but in some Muslim nations being an outcast is the very best you can hope for if you're not actually executed. It still puzzles me that some, e.g. Turkey, accept that someone born a Muslim might not choose to remain one while in Afghanistan or Iran they'll send someone straight to the rope shop.

    Oh, and as for the Islam loving left, the simple answer is they don't want to know because the victim in this case does not score highly enough on Victimhood Poker, that handy insight into the PC brigade's minds. Both oppressed and oppressors are of the same ethnicity, but Muslims are worth 12 points whereas Christians are Jokers and score none at all. Said Musa is disabled by being an amputee but that only gets him 6 points with the PC mob. He might claim poverty for another 2 but that's still nowhere near enough. Had he been female he'd have got another 8 points and been worthy of a an article in The Guardian. Think I'm kidding? Then why did Asia Bibi get attention while Musa does not? It's that extra X chromosome that makes the difference to lefties. A sex change operation being out of the question in his current circumstances his only hope of media or political attention is for him to claim he is also gay. The Graun would probably do a feature for that, but unfortunately in the 'Stan it'd probably get him killed even faster than the apostasy charge.

  2. I can't help but imagine how Christian troops, risking their precious lives in A-stan, feel about this shit. Karzai should apologize at the end of a rope.