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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Turmoil and Lies......


What a morning. Whilst on my early morning stroll to open our local Church for the day, all hell, forgive me, was breaking loose! I have to update my Megrahi sidebar just to highlight how accurate I was when suggesting our grotesque Government and their shadowy, creepy mandarins in the Civil Service of buggery, are a bunch of lying filth.
On top of this I was musing on the disgust and horror I felt watching the American Gestapo sweeping through Sangin Province. A rare BBC good bit of reporting highlighted the arrogance so despised by the Islamic peoples and I cannot watch this bullying and casual morality without feeling sick. We trample all over these, in the main, innocents, whilst at home we cannot do enough to nurture and spoil the criminal evil in our own society. That includes 90% of our politicians. In this film we see the lengths our Bilderberger masters are prepared to go to prop up the new world order, built before the second world war was even over. Just compare this brutal brute force, employed against the historic ethnic population, with the manner we tolerate the criminal gangs from all over the world and especially those in Brussels. I know every person or people are capable of inhumane cruelty but is this the way to address that? The hypocrisy is so apparent. Even more so when we learn today of the lies amongst so many lies spewing out of our so called Governments. All in the name of security. The only security that matters is the bribery of people to gain power. Bliar was "comfortable" with regime change after Saddam was no longer seen as an ally. Labour were just as awful over Libyan oil and the need to trade morality for votes. Mubarak was a mate, now Gaddafi is and as for Karzai, what is left to say.  The West needs to be poor to learn decency but not be poor in existence. A balance is required where less consumerism leads to greater decency and behaviour. I'm, as ever, not holding my breath.


  1. Does not the New World Order start with the American Governments interest and meddling? As opposed to One-Worldism -- wich is the design of Globalists, whom can be anti-American..? What is the correlation to you as a Brit and European?

  2. Can you put the clip on Utube for your overseas readers.

  3. Thank you for your posts. I deleted one by mistake and would be grateful if it could be re-posted and ask forgiveness.
    Anon, which clip are you requesting?

  4. WL, I am a staunch believer in the American people. My beef is with all NWO wannabes and that includes the American elite and Bilderberger clans. Rothschilds being the main players. There will is implemented through EU and other international organisations as corrupt as they. The EU and The UN are such vehicles.

  5. In the last few days it's been noticeable just how much we rely on the US. For example, we say nothing. Then Hilary Clinton pipes up. Then Hague reiterates her words. And the pattern continues.

  6. "Who needs friends?" Subrosa, fits the bill, I feel!