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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

This Might Be Quite Something.

Egypt's People Have Led The Way.

"There are reports of protests by hundreds of people in the Libyan city of Benghazi." Could this toss pot of a despot be toppled and his nasty progeny with him? What would happen to the deals and the forelock tugging West, so ably led by Bliar and Brown, together with their smugly corrupt Mandarins.? I realise turmoil is bad for the world's economies but if it wrestles away power from the privileged elite and global New World Order, with their ill gotten gains shared out more equably, is that such a bad thing?


  1. OR,

    Benghazi has long been the colonels Achilles Heel. The folks there are more openly defiant. His images, and there are thousands of them, are routinely defaced in Benghazi. There are thousands of images in Tripoli too, but they are never vandalised.

    My mates there tell me that if Libya ever does kick off, it will start in the fabled 2nd city.

    I am heading back there in a couple of weeks. It could get nasty!

    I'll take notes so that we know what to do when it's our turn...


  2. Not a bad thing at all OR, but isn't it wishful thinking? These wealthy power-mad individuals will do anything to hold onto power. The military assumed a form of neutral stance in Egypt. I doubt if that would happen in the likes of Libya.

  3. We taxpayers have been paying to prop up a lot of bad governments for some time. Small benefit we have had from it. We are now learning where the money has gone. As soon these unworkable regimes hit prolems there was bound to be chaos.

  4. I'm a bit concerned by all of this, OR, not because despots are being toppled but rather by what may replace them.

    In Bahrain, for example, the rioters are all Shi'ites - which doesn't inspire a lot of confidence for stability or continued good relations with the West!

    And although the army are holding the reins in Egypt at the moment, there is every possibility that the Muslim Brotherhood will gain way too much influence after the election in the next six months.

    There is also the problem of Hezbollah in Lebanon and the protests there - so much so that Israel may again go into Lebanon to deal with them.

    There is also currently an exodus of asylum seekers heading towards Europe from Tunisia and you can easily guess what will happen next - they will eventually be ushered all the way from Southern Europe to France and then waved on through to Britain for a life at the British taxpayers' expense. And then after thy've been here for a while their families will also be allowed to join them, etc., etc.!

    Bloody Muzzies!

  5. @CR

    Be careful over there, mate - watch you back and stay safe. ;-)

  6. Thanks Spidey.

    I will keep an eye on things. If it isn't safe, I stay at home. Easy peasy.


  7. BS, a worthy argument but to use a rather strange phrase, you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. Subrosa, the power crazed are often the arbiters of their own downfall. Demetrius, my academic better half! Cap'n, I suspect you are capable of looking after more than just your good self but I still echo Barking's well wishing.