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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

They really Are Spooked!


Mrs Squeaker called him a loon. She should note what happens to long term snorters. Bliar is conspicuous by his absence, Baroness Ugly of Ashton and EU uselessness floundered big time under Paxo's casual stabbing, whilst vague mutterings could vaguely be detected from Vague Hague himself. Obama can't understand a thing that's going on except to be embarrassed by the regime changes taking place without US puppet stringing. Meanwhile these cretins continue to support Karzei's beavering to establish exactly the kind of regime in Afghanistan we see being torn down elsewhere. Not content with hell and destruction and regime toppling in Iraq, the UN mouths grotesque but very expensive mutterings over this turmoil with as much effect as vomiting into a wet paper bag. Now I realise that all of this will hurt us all personally via petrol and financial meltdown. Yet I cannot help thinking that, the other side of the events, future globalisation aims will be curtailed by Sovereign peoples taking control of their own destinies more frequently than hitherto. Well, who has yet to ban hope and dreams? Gaddafi refers to himself as a martyr. Those real heroes are the ones dying for our sakes and freedom. I wonder how Megrahi is coping with all this? Justice of sorts here, as well!


  1. The thing about all this is that toppled kings outside of America lead to dictators. Or some unfortunate self-defeating democracies. Such as Europe--wich is dictatorial never-the-less.

  2. Eldorado Canyon. Shame it missed really.

  3. Good post OR. It's coming to a street and town near you.

    I see even Tory councils are starting to kick off at Humpty Dumpty the pickled egg.

  4. Wesley, The UK is just about hanging on but the EU is not so chirpy. Lt., who says it missed? Why, thank you Tris. Spring here tomorrow.

  5. Unless, of course, all the Middle East chaos has actually been completely orchestrated by the NWO/Bilderbergers, OR.

    Gaddafi Duck video shamelessly nicked, hat tipped and backlinked, mate. ;-)

  6. Spidey, as ever, always welcome. It's gone virtually viral, I believe. As for the NWO, they welcome gangsters, drug barons, tyrants and despots. membership is, however, meant to be untouchable by the little people. Seems they've screwed enough to get screwed back. Vive la revolution!