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Friday, 25 February 2011

Strange how.................

What Goes Around Comes Around!

Probably far too late.

It was a mistake back when this was posted. It is now fairly obvious what a confidence trick many bloggers felt the EU manipulation of Ireland's "yes" vote was. Millions poured in to sweeten the pill when many in power already knew it was laced with arsenic. Now they are voting again but it is too late. The damage wrought to take EU control of Ireland may not be of the violent and murderous manner employed by the likes of Gaddafi. Yet still every bit as harmful to freedom and liberty, sovereignty and truth. Does anyone really believe Ireland can rebel against the EU shadowy rulers? Can they throw off the yoke of monetary control? It would be no more harmful than the slavery they presently are under. Just look at the mess they're in and pray the rest of Europe, ourselves included, can somehow rise up to stop this wasteful, crooked and corrupt regime that is the unelected European Commission that promotes and enriches the likes of Kinnock, Mandleson et al. People little better than the  Mubaraks and Gaddafis of this world.
Blood money  runs very deep within the heart of Labour but they keep very stumm on the left or make up lies like Haine, on QT last night! Come on Ireland, start our revolution!


  1. Pot calling kettle orange, here, I ask myself?

    25 February 2011 14:55

  2. Heard you had died never mind

  3. oms - What you may lack in sentence formation and punctuation you more than make up for in general obloquy.

    Now cut along to matron and have those boils inspected. Good chap.