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Monday, 28 February 2011

Stone The Crows

Is this fat twat breaking in a brain for an ickle wickle baby rabbit that's got a terminally degenerative brain disease or something? Judging by his latest hare brained idea, he surely must be. Either that or a scientific breakthrough needs to be  performed, by some boffin or other, to find out how the fuck such an enormously large and flabby head can only contain grey matter the size of a pea.

I mean have you heard Bob Crow's latest plan to help reduce the deficit? No? Well it's simple, like Bob. A 1p tax should be levied on all emails sent from within the UK. He reckons that, together with scrapping Trident, would wipe out half of our budget deficit. WTF! How is that going to work then? What about the millions of spam emails sent everyday? How the fuck are we going to track down who is sending those? And what about all the people *ahem* who have anonymous identities and equally anonymous email addresses? Total bollocks! It'd cost more to monitor and maintain than it would actually raise  in tax. 

What a typically socialist fat twat.

But wait, the General Secretary Stupidity of the RMT Union has got form. Last year he proposed a 1p tax (sounds familiar) on all text messages. Fucking brilliant he thought, until someone pointed out that it would only raise £968 million against a deficit of £150 billion. I've got a better idea Bob. Come and stick your useless fat head in my boiling piss and do us all a favour.

Incidentally, 'pea brain' Bob managed to secure a 12% pay rise last year while all his 'brothers' in the public sector were experiencing a pay freeze. Yep. He's on £95,000 a year plus expenses now. How's that for a show of worker solidarity then. Ain't socialism grand, eh.

Just in case you were wondering if OR had taken leave of his senses. He hasn't. Gotty is 'filling-in' for a week while the old bastard takes a well deserved break. So ... if the G.O.T. way of stating an opinion isn't your cup of char, then I suggest that you fuck off and come back next week, when the dust has settled a tad. No baby rabbits were hurt during the writing of this post. That is all.


  1. Bloody hell, it 's GOT! All so to the point and so very true. 1p emails, unbelievable.

  2. I'm getting giddy M... Got, OldRightie!

    I think all public appointments should be based on the Chairman of Oxfam who gets £90,000 pa for a turnover of a business of £380,000,000 in 80 countries.

    So annual salary for each million of your turnover is, £90k divided by 380!

    Therefore, you should be paid no more than: £236.84 per annum for each million of turnover! That will upset CEOs of councils! Or even the BBC!

    We'll forget how many countries your business is in as it would be too complex to work out.

    This wouldn't apply to the Prime Minister of course, he gets enough as it is.

  3. fc - all TOO fucking believable.

    Still - with a brain this size he's bad enough, imagine if it were the size of a walnut...
    As they say yerabouts, "If brens wuz dynamite, 'e wudden 'ave enough to lift 'is bleddy 'at"

    btw - Welcome back Gotty ;) , if only for a brief while, and thanks to OR for providing the space.

  4. "It'd cost more to monitor and maintain than it would actually raise in tax."

    Of course, that's the whole point - it would be another job creation scheme to keep a few thousand more Liebor voters under the thumb.

    @ Gotty - I hope you realise that having the keys to O/R's gaff means you will have to keep his good lady's pride and joy looking neat and tidy?

    Now get off your fat arse, go outside, and sweep the leaves up.

    Why, what did you think I meant?

  5. ............. well, that's the first positive start to the week that I've enjoyed for a while; welcome back.

  6. Hurrah! Party!

    Like a foul-mouthed Merlin, he comes back just when you most need him.

  7. @ Caratacus ...

    As they say yerabouts, "If brens wuz dynamite, 'e wudden 'ave enough to lift 'is bleddy 'at"


    Or the one I always liked ..

    "If brains were made of canvas, he wouldn't have enough to make a pair of puttees for a one-legged sparrer" ..

    Good to see Gotty back .. though I think the timing is a wee bit "off" .. you ought to have waited until April 25th .. then we could have had a proper celebration .. ;)

  8. Good to see a few familiar 'faces' from 'back in the day'. Thanks for stopping by to help keep OR's place ticking over while he's having a lie down.

    @MD I try and steer clear of all that gardening malarkey, especially where 'lady front gardens' are concerned. I leave all that kind of thing to Mrs GOT these days. As for back gardens .... well .... best take that up with Lord Fondleboys of Bumcheeks ;-)

    April 25th Captain? Is that resurrection day this year or something. If it is, then I should have had enough warning to be able to 'get it up' by then ;-)

  9. Gotty - 1982; Galtieri receives the first of many messages from 3 Cdo Brigade...

  10. Straight up the Argie Arse's arse ... with a slight left hand twist. Hopefully ;-)

  11. This is the most pea brained idea I've ever read. That stupid basturd has the brain the size of this *

    Nice to see you helping out for a friend on vacay, Gotty!

  12. Bob Crow can always be trusted to provide material for bloggers to mercilessly take the piss out of him with. We should be grateful to him for that, and nothing else.