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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Now I'm Really Upset.

Where The heck Is This Gurning Pillock Among Pillocks?

It is now early evening on the 25th of February, 2011. Wondering where this evil low life has got to cost me a missed parking fee and a whopping fine, today. No wonder the Gaddafi's are upset after doling out millions to the dreadful pair. Look at his taxi tip money we still cough up, " Mr Blair also receives a taxpayer-funded pension of £63,468 a year, plus an annual £84,000 allowance to run a private office. His elite security team costs the taxpayer £6million annually, because he is also accompanied by up to five personal bodyguards while travelling the world." This security detail is there just to ensure his secretive oil deals aren't spotted. As for his salary as a "special envoy to the Middle East, no mention but it will have to go with the palace in Gaza, no doubt.
All this after destroying the UK's education, finances, society, illegal and costly conflicts and leaving us with that half-wit, Snotty. How he sleeps at night I'll never know. Gut wrenching typical leftie. Grab what you can and run. Not a peep from the Polly Toynbees or anybody else from the left. Probably guests of his in some luxury hideaway somewhere. It can be a sick world when an ex UK PM looks worse than a murdering despot like Gaddafi. Pass the sick bag............................................and send for G.O.T!


  1. How he sleeps at night I'll never know.

    Entwined with slotgob!

    Seriously once you find a god all is forgiven so Bliar will always sleep soundly.

  2. It's time his security was scrutinised - the UK taxpayer shouldn't be paying for his personal bodyguards when he goes on private jaunts - holidays, book-signings etc. There should be no special treatment for Blair; he should have the minimum security that's provided to other ex-PMs.

  3. Blair, Hitler and Jon Venables are in front of you but you only have two rounds. What do you do? Easy.Shoot Blair twice.

  4. William, GV, I think anon agrees with us!

  5. Cutting back on Tony Wot's His Name bodyguards is one cut I would welcome from this coalition!