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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Note the laissez faire.

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If it were a general election we would be inundated with propaganda, sorry, campaigning. As it is the BBC and the ruling elite are very quiet. That alone suggests there is merit in this system. Here we have a chance of a revolution of sorts and the opportunity to make all votes count. Just consider the anomalies. The "modernisers" turn away from this radical change. A majority of MPs, Jack Dromey being one of them, are fearful of losing the safe seat patronage which allows senior nepotists in power to give seats to their nearest and dearest. Protest votes would suddenly matter and some of the Kinnock like dynasties would be harder to form and rip off the tax purse. The gainsayers whinge that we might end up with a permanent coalition. Well, for me, two targets to aim at is better sport than one and a status quo might well be a ticket worth having!
 Everything points to AV being a far more democratic way forward. I bet you a lot of dosh it won't happen, though. Strangled at birth is probably half completed.


  1. You're right, of course. Newsnight did a botched-up programme about it last night, and half-explained how it worked.

    We have to get permission for the referendum in the first place from the non-elected Lords, but ANYTHING has got to be better than the LibLabCon that ALWAYS results from any GE in this country.

    For a start, AV will make the bastards squirm for votes - I wasn't canvassed ONCE by any of the three 'main' parties prior to the last election - that will have to change under AV.

    Secondly, smaller parties will get a look in. Mrs. Chumley-Warner might want a Con artist for her first choice, but may well give a nod to another right-wing party as second choice, especially as Spoon-Face isn't as half as Conservative as the blue-rinsers want him to be.

    The way things are grinding into inertia under the current mob, I wouldn't be surprised to see the BNP get a far bigger share of the vote under AV.

    THAT'S why it will never happen.

  2. I'd support AV - after all, it's not so different to what I'm used to here now - but even FPTP as is would be better with two simple changes. Have open primaries so the local parties can't inflict a their favourite placeman as candidate, and have a recall procedure so whoever wins has to keep on his constituency's good side to stay in the seat rather than his party's. AV would be better than FPTP as it is now, but FPTP with those changes would be better than AV.

    Of course, if it was up to me it'd be all three, but I'm not going to be asked.

  3. One of the nice things about blogging is coming across like minded folk.