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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Is It Possible?

He Missed The Boat?

He is reported today as doing a Bilderberger scaremongering act. "The Middle East peace process could become a "casualty" of the calls for change sweeping across the Arab world, the foreign secretary has warned." BBC crap makes this mention. Note in this age of labour educated ignorance the UK's Foreign Secretary is relegated to small letters. We don't of course get "baroness ashton" given this insult.
I digress. Maybe it's not the boat he missed but the acceptance by the top echelon of The New World Order, onto their gravy train. There again there is a gravy boat too! Snotty didn't get that membership either but that's understandable. Now this latest utterance from a political, schoolboy protege turned world statesman, in name that is, trots out that the Middle East peace process, presided over by that staunch and mega rich socialist, Bliar, is in danger. What is this terrible threat suddenly arising? Well he goes on to say that the events in Tunisia and Egypt are diverting attention. Now excuse me, these nations are at the heart of this region. So how can that be? What does he mean? 
Well, here's a possible explanation. Our village person, Bill, is not well regarded in Europe. He fought as a sceptic in the past and his job is seen also as a national rather than European Central Government role. They have a multi-billion arm for this work, headed by the fragrant and beautiful, Berlusconi lust bucket so why give him kudos? Furthermore, despite his mysteriously achieved wealth and fortune he still falls very short of the vast wealth the club prefer.
So is this rubbish he speaks today an attempt to curry favour and push another application for membership? After all his remarks rather belittle the Tunisian and Egyptian peoples and makes a mockery of their sacrifices and mass protest for change. A change that is striking fear in the very bowels of The NWO, Bilderberger club. This is not something they have come to expect. The little people having a say and coming together. Their social engineering and watering down of Western populations, through mass immigration and central control such as The EU model, has removed the risk of an identifiable and binding course in countries such as The UK. However that huge enterprise led, inevitably, to their taking their eye off the ball elsewhere. It is ironic that nationhood is being so easily surrendered in Europe as the passion for it grips Palestine, Israel and The Middle East. You could argue that that is a case against supra nationalism. I beg to differ. It is the politicians and the rich who need to water down statehood and belonging to each other as a unit. Too difficult to control, then.

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  1. Looks as though he's not posh enough to be a Bilderberger. EU Commissioner, maybe.