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Friday, 4 February 2011

Is It Just Their fault?

Of Course Not.

Since the second world war the proletariat became ever more vociferous and envious of those better off intellectually and economically. No coincidence, of course. Then the Bilderbergers and promoters of a New World Order decided that, to keep the populations of the desired economic world they sought to dominate, under the thumb, the masses must be led down a path of subservience via relative prosperity. So began the great God of the NWO, globalisation. Huge conglomerates would have the power and the cash to buy the world and control the arms, food processing and supply industries and energy.
The dream is almost a reality. Or should I say nightmare. In this programme profit and power are everything. The side effects irrelevant. So, the mass production and control of animal waste was seen as an important requirement. Animals kept in warehouses knee deep in muck. Chickens, calves, and pigs caged, brutalised and inhumanely slaughtered, though profitable, is allowed to pollute our diets and our own well being. In addition these mass production and distribution needs throw up storage and waste volumes of unimaginable size. The solution is to render it all down and produce billions of storable muck and fat fluid. All over the world these "refineries" rival petrochemical storage facilities and distribution. Then this stuff is put into 90% of everything you get from a supermarket. Chocolate bars, biscuits, ready made meals, pizzas, confectionery. Of  of course the fast food outlets fight hard to outdo the stuff on those overburdened shelves and reign supreme when it comes to using their clients as waste disposal vehicles, chucking into the mix appetite enhancers, without which this excrement masquerading as nutrition might be unwanted.
All of this goes unchallenged by our erstwhile representatives. Their response is to nag and cajole, blame and make miserable the recipients of their pals in the NWO. 
So, in 2011, cancer is an epidemic and obesity rife. Manual labour, exercise and common sense all thrown away in return for the slavish promotion of sit on your arse electronic brainwashing toys. You have to admire the success of this subjugation whilst understanding that it's too expensive of the planet's ability to maintain for ever. Already the signs are there of this un-sustainability. Remarkably the expansion of The EU and their passion to take this glut of gluttony into previously poor but happier peoples, carries on! Guess what it's your fault!

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  1. You're right, OR. The very creators of our woes are never seen to suffer the consequences.