Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I Hope He Doesn't Mind!

Just Great!

These joyous words  are reproduced here. I didn't ask in case he said no. These words are stirring and pointed. We need to take charge of our own despots and ruling elite. It makes sense.


They must hate us fiercely in occupied Palestine, the Gaza Strip, scene of Jewish, this time, Lebensraum;   in Lebanon they really must wonder how we, self-appointed Ambassadors of Democracy have sat still, for years, on Israeli blitzkrieg-atrocity;  the Egyptians have been lectured by us for years that Hosni Mubarak, tyrant, bandit and gangster was  a great man,  this, only a few weeks ago was Hillary Trousers' gabshite refrain. In Iraq, we have distinguished ourselves with indiscriminate bombing, shooting, beating, torture and gangrape, we have seen, even here, in these inconsequential pages, Uncle Sam's helicoptering Wild Bunch shooting civilians to bits with their clever guns, whooping and hollering like Hollywood rodeo riders.

And it's not just the US;  who can forget the unspeakable Geoff Hoon, since revealed  for the cheap, poxy hustler that he always was, announcing that Iraqi women would thank him, one day - when they were as wise as he -  for the death of their children;  who can forget the wretched, dipso bullyboy, Alastair Campbell, all over the airwaves like a madman, inventing a cassus bellus, cooking up evidence, validated, in exchange for a promotion, by the shitbag John Scarlett.  Michael Howard, the smirking, oilybastard hypocrite, nodded  sagely at the need for fiery war on an innocent nation;  the Internationaliste class warriors of NewLabour, marched through the lobbies in favour of WarCrime,  their cheerleader the lumpy, gobby, greedy, shameless, Supermum, Imelda Blair, already up to her cavernous Scouse kisser in  Hindujah greed and graft, now sucking Satan's semen like a good 'un, a Haliburton babe,  the filthy, racist baggage.

The fact that so many of these were, time after time re-elected, or remain, like Campbell, celebrated,  suggests many have forgotten or more bleakly that many, most, didn't give a flying fuck. People applaud Campbell, on the telly, it's like post-war  Germans applauding Goebbels."


  1. Quite superbly put, Ishmael.

  2. Thank you OR, I missed that at Ishmael's place.