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Tuesday, 8 February 2011


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"Environmental impact - Set-top boxes left on standby eat power, increasing home electricity bills. Also, old TVs will be scrapped and land filled." Info from here.
Yesterday I set off with a portable, SCART ready for digital adapter, TV set. My aim was to offer said neat little bit of kit to a charity shop. Silly me. No chance given that firstly there are millions being scrapped and secondly no self respecting pleb will use their benefit check for less than the acquisition of a ten foot square home cinema these days. No issue here with regard to cuts, is there?
The next time some AGW pillock is banging on, especially that pompous, self-righteous moron, Huhne, or the Greenie twits pontificate about saving polar bears, remind them of this utter and incompetently handled Government theft of radio waves and frequencies.
Where was or is the plan for handling the huge volume of unwanted TV sets, their years of service cast aside without a moments thought, other than the greed to be assuaged by their billion pound import opportunities? Where was the (pun alert) vision in implementing a home grown replacement market, knowing this bonanza for the Chinese borrowed cash was coming along. Why were the enormous revenues from the hardware, as well as the frequency sales, not diverted into creating a UK manufacturing benefit? Oh, more profit in retail and advertising "crapIsUs" cheap imports, is the modern mantra.
As ever, follow the money. Be it war, death and amputation, the devastation of rain forests or the wasteful mess that is Parliament and The EU gravy boats, just look at who gets the cash and joy. Sorted, there was a plan after all, bugger the masses for the pleasure and enrichment of the few. Plus ca change.


  1. In America some of us seen this as a deal with whatever industries were behind the Government program and mandate. This is no doubt accurate. Television has killed American culture and made a new one in its name. I guess the same or simular has happened there?

  2. It has indeed, Whitey. We seem enthralled to American leads and our movers and shakers (shake downers?) follow all the bad stuff and little of the good.

  3. Whitey, Exactly!

    I don't and won't have a television for that exact same reason.

    And I'm sure it's addictive too. A psychological drug pushed by the government and big biznus.


  4. Sir Henry, most admirable. My drug of choice is the Internet!

  5. back to the 8track8 February 2011 at 16:27

    It should be interesting when they switch off the FM and AM radio signal. 26 million car drivers will be pissed off.
    The DAB signal they use is absoulute pants aswell. Mine squeaks and whistles or dies intermittently.

  6. Back to the 8 track, it'll be fine. They'll just scrap the cars!