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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Desperate Or What?

The Home Of The EU And The President's Own State!

Sex ban suggested for Belgian coalition negotiators. This shouldn't prove too big a challenge, should it! 
So the sum total of their failure is they are too busy on other matters. I rather doubt it, just as incompetent in the  bedroom as in power.
Mind you they are brilliant at corruption and spending money.



  1. You've done it now OR.

    You've forced me to imagine the spawn these two would produce.

    It isn't pretty.


  2. Hi, Cap'n, glad to be of service. Their progeny would undoubtedly be born with a rusty spoon in their mouths and clutching a grubby wad of cash. Yours!

  3. I'm hoping Belgium will go another 241 days.

  4. Damn - CR beat me to it!! That's one sort of Rumpy Pumpy (pun intended) I really don't want to think about.

  5. Not sure about the charge of incompetence in the bedroom OR - they've had enough practice screwing the rest of us for bloody years. :)

  6. Well, OR, that assumes that normal sexual congress is a continuum there. My only, incomplete experience was a failure due to the lady's "aura", in an olfactory sense.

  7. It already HAS got "Out Of Hand"...

    If it had remained "In Hand", neither of those genetic abnormalities would have been born.

    Ho Hum....