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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Can Anyone Tell me.....

Why I Can No Longer be A Tory?

No, not because of him and his broken promises, secret EU dreams of Presidency and downright unpleasant, though relatively competent, character.
I think, (you might say otherwise), it's because the mainstream parties have so blatantly sold out to vested interests that have no truck with tradition, culture or decency. I am now regarded not only by the left but by the Conservative hierarchy, as an ageing buffoon. That's as maybe but I'm a long way from finished and dream of the arrogant Bilderbergers' downfall. Might come sooner than they bloody well think. I'm not sure where that might leave me but I'm sure I would cope much better than they. No expenses for starters!


  1. To tell the truth OR, one is a little pissed orf.

    It's come to something when a chap whose views I have come to respect greatly appears to have been knocked sideways, or been assailed by self-doubt as a result of the actions of people who have the bloody gall to call themselves Tories or Conservatives.

    Do you consider it a virtue to live within your means, and to expect HMG to do the same? Do you believe that the innocent should be protected from the depredations of the wicked, and that the wicked should be severely punished and not cosseted? Do you believe that the sanctity of marriage is precious and that families are the rock upon which society holds strong? That the police force's first loyalty is to their fellow subjects of the Queen and that they are not to be employed as the strong arm of the State? That politics should be untainted by corruption and sin? That people should be expected to stand upon their own two feet and not allowed to swing the lead at the expense of their diligent and hard-working neighbours?

    I could go on but I'm sure you get my drift. You have held fast to your innermost convictions and your soul is intact. Those conniving bastards are a disgrace and should be bloody well shot. How dare they call themselves Tories. They wouldn't recognise a Conservative principle if it reared up, bit them on the bollocks, and yelled at the top of its voice, "I am a Conservative principle".

    You are in step OR - they are not.

  2. "Relatively competent"? Are you serious or were you just comparing the prick to Gordon Brown?

  3. Brilliant as ever, Caratacus and I remain a Conservative but not a Tory! AE, as you say, relative to Snotty whose bunker Pseudo is soon to claim as his own.

  4. OR,

    I think we agreed some time ago that Cameron was going to be a severe disappointment to anyone who expected him to have a commitment to this country rather than to his own ambitions. This is the man who led (most of) the Tories to cheer Blair on his last exit from the Commons.

    It was never going to be otherwise once he got his turn.

  5. Guess what, OR?

    I had exactly this conversation with Lady Killem ans Miss Killemette this morning.

    Cammo must be going down like a burning Heinkel in Conservative Clubs all over Britain.

    The genteel ladies of the blue-rinse brigade and the Majors Chalmondley-Warner must be as sick as Skegness donkeys - as am I.

    Time for a major rethink at Killemall Towers, and it's not looking good......

  6. If Cameron doesn't do better than his current "efforts" there will be moves to get rid of him, OR, the only problem is that he would most likely be succeeded by someone equally unacceptable or worse!

    I still think we would all be better off if the disaffected/disenfranchised Right wing of the Conservatives defected to UKIP and let Euroslime Dave get on with his purple-plot merger with Clegg's wing of the LimpDumbs.

    The serious LimpDumb Lefties like Hughes and Huhne, (Hoon!), would then be free to join the ranks of Labour,(where they belong), and the totally neglected grass roots Conservatives would be left with a real alternative to iDave's limp-wristed, "Tory" wets and we could then go about electing a UKIP/Real Conservative government that we know for certain would restore British values and also extract us from the EU nightmare pretty damned sharpish!

  7. KILLEM, Spidey, we have a quorum!! Caratacus I'm sure must feel the same albeit, like many of us, he battles with loyalty to his lifetime's allegiances. Still, times and The Conservative Party elite are no longer of the right persuasion and drastic rethinks are called for.

  8. Until there is such a time when there is a system of governance run by the people for the people - that doesn't jump to the sociopolitical agendas of cultural marxist/fabian/fascist and beeg beesknees and banking interests, I will remain a conservative anarchist. End of transmission.