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Sunday, 20 February 2011

By Stealth

Hague Plays The Game.

As the quiet run down behind the scenes carries on, our Billy does his Macbeth strutting. Bahrain looks to be going the same successful route of Egypt, despite the Bilderbergers horror at their impudence. Throughout this turmoil the UK continues to bow to Baroness Ashton's all powerful and very rich establishing of "Embassies" as ours will close. The same "we can't afford them" confidence trick is playing out with our armed forces. Inexorably being run down and square bashed into a pan European "control force". If you consider this all a nonsense, it's your prerogative. The reality of this undemocratic grab for power is well on its way and coming to a tax levy in your home. A taxation regime which will be in addition to, not in place of.

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