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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Be Afraid, Very Afraid!

A Taster Of How Good The Legend Was!

Oldrightie is proud and honoured to host a week of Gotty contributions beginning tomorrow, Monday. After long into the night, difficult negotiations, worthy of the grotesque nature of the lowest of the low football agents, OR has secured the loan of a star of the Blogosphere firmament. A presence long missed and to be savoured for one week only. Expect goals to be scored against all opposition. Matches won easily against the pretenders and charlatans of TV, stage and screen. Above all else the unbeatable pricking of politicians' bubbles. I shall be watching from afar as a  master, nay genius, trashes my bourgeois tendencies and sensitivities. A worthy game played so well in the past and admirably joined by Ishmael who, though excellent, came along a little while after Gotty erupted onto the pitch. May he enjoy a short return to the game of life this medium allows even the weaker talents, such as mine, to have a go! Above all else, let his unique brand of bile and venom touch all those who regard their pompous ways as sacrosanct. After all we all do as bears do in the woods. Just different locations. Welcome dear Gotty and thank you for giving me a week off!!!


  1. One thing's for sure OR - there are going to be a few bruised egos (not to say botties) by the end of next week! Good O.

  2. Mine might be one of them, Caratacus!

  3. You obviously have hidden talents to have persuaded Gotty out of retirement!

    This should be interesting...

  4. Well done OR and do enjoy your well earned rest.

    Gotty, remember this is a tory blog. :)

  5. Subrosa, I no longer believe a Tory party exists! Thank you for the best wishes.