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Monday, 31 January 2011

You Asked For It!

More 40% Tax Payers!

When only the well paid professions, entrepreneurs and legacy blessed people paid higher rates of tax and inheritance crippling death duties, the Left and their Trade Union masters gleeful lauded the "fairness" of it all. Whilst, of course, the envy of their upper ranks learnt rapidly to pay themselves levels of income or expense allowances to soak up their own personal liabilities for tax. Aping the culture of "consultancy" and blind "offshore trusts" these cretinous, bilious and downright evil buggers, literally in Peter Pederasts case, (and no, I don't think all buggers are evil) have for years duped the sheeples that have become the ill educated couch potato voters of the Labour Party.
How ironic that their nurturing and gerrymandering of the Public Services and quango appointees, their stoking of a debt fuelled boom culture of "have it all" now because we have made you believe "you deserve it" and alliance of evil with their banking mates, has brought us all to this point. As devaluation and inflation shows the automatic consequences of not paying your way and printing worthless wallpaper money, so gleefully embraced by Snotty and egged on by Blinky Bollocks, the resultant drawing in of higher rate tax payers to include the well paid of the State is sooooooooooo delicious. Their massive pension entitlements,as I type, will today see many of their newly pensioned elite also hit by a 40% tax after April. Still, so many bought into the wealth distribution so worshipped by Labour, what's the problem? For 13 years this good old fashioned socialist principle was implemented by a mad man, or men, in Government, the sheeples still voted for it. The resultant collapse in manufacturing, skills and good old fashioned self-reliance and responsibility is there for all to see. Guess what, at the next election the silly sods will vote, short sightedly, to chase the dragon once more!

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