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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Why Change A Name?

A  Shovel Once Did.

This thrown on the wealthy scrap heap where ex-Ministers luxuriate unpleasant man, rails about the grooming abuse of "Pakistani" men. This disgusting state of affairs has arisen through the abandonment of moral decency amongst the white working classes and underclass. Of course there will be exceptions proving the rule but in the main the breakdown of families and the desperate need for affection of hundreds of thousands of young people has created this disgraceful scenario. It's almost as if the mass immigration for gerrymandering, beloved of Labour,  was designed to provide Asian men with a recreational pursuit as nasty as any multi-cultural desire could create. When we Oldies show our disgust and contempt for where our Country has been dragged we are the ones vilified, sneered at and broken. Well, Jack my lad, if you have friends or girls you know of, who have been assaulted or treated as "easy meat", have a gander in a mirror and see one of the significant perpetrators of a society overwhelmed by your political correctness and mix and match ideas. Labours' legacy and other political uselessness has done much more than destroy a once great Country, it has created a cess pit and animal farm where the racist and despicable behaviour of the immigrant hordes has taken over. To be white in Britain today is to be second class. Ask these poor girls and their suppliers, Jack. Trust me, it's not only the newest Asian Country's men involved. Note the references here (strong article, if you are faint hearted)  does not mention Pakistani!

Multi-culturalism, what a sick joke that's turned out to be.

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