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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Still They Don't get It!

They Really Don't!

This terrible, albeit inevitable, shooting of a politician has highlighted more than any banking and Bilderberger atrocity, the utter disconnect of the ruling elites. The awful anger, frustration and animosity that has driven a young man, allegedly, to erupt in savagery, will not be connected by an inner circle, every bit as fawned over by the MSM as any sycophant in history, unable to grasp the real anger out there. Cameron, possibly once a decent man, gabbled on this morning every bit as detached and blind as the 13 years of Labours' army of idiots. The real pain beginning to grip western populations is seen as just a necessary part of the great rescue and deliverance. If that were so, then the rich and secure bankers would no longer exist. Million pound salaries, footballers included, would be suspended until stability were restored. Fat chance. This sad young man will be spirited away and his pain dismissed. Just you see. The EU will continue its drive towards an Orwellian Stutopia and only a very few will sup at a very secret banquet. Have a nice day!!!


  1. I did read somethng about Arizona being the centre for dissaffected far right wing US politics and that this latest gunning down of political and innocent victims will be blamed on the US gun laws rather than the established grumbling unrest of disconnect between ruling class of any persuasion and the general electorate.
    Should the US not twig that so much angst is internally driven - but why should they care when so much cash is to be generated from their international wars, fraud and theft. Where there's muck or 'green' muck - eh?

  2. "Where there's green muck", Priceless, Clarinda!

  3. I thought most of the US population put gun and shell manufacturers into overtime mode when the knew Obambi the Kenyan was going to be made el presidente,they expected obambi to try and curtail their gun activities,
    I think they are lucky it's only one fruit case that's come up for air,if the rest decide they have had enough and kick off,what happens in the US soon happens here,the kids over here have the guns and no doubt they would be well used.

  4. HJ, the world is changing and some awakening taking place. Will it be enough, though?