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Thursday, 6 January 2011


When You Hate A Party!

You want to see them embarrassed or have an uncomfortable itch and even gain schadenfreude at their discomfiture. As The UK fell apart, mass immigration overwhelmed the Country and the "no more boom and bust" stupidity imploded, despite my own losses and income hits, I revelled in their failure. This has not gone away. Labour have a dork, a Wallace, a kid at the helm of a ship going round in circles with no safe haven available. As with The Tories, they are desperate to see the Cobbleition fail and the economy "double dip". Sod the poor Eloys, it's their need to possess the ball of power that matters. Well, despite the consumer woes and retail decline, a house of straw if ever there was one, The UK's old fashioned and derided spirit is manufacturing and producing again. The FTSE is looking strong based on foundations not  false consumerism. Some wag decried the VAT as a death knell to retail. Listen up, food, energy and shelter are more important than anything else. Get those right and you might earn the accolade of being a Government. Produce locally and export surplus and we could all start speaking Chinese!
Mind you, if you want a giggle,  "Ed Miliband insists today that Labour is not to blame for Britain’s debt mountain and accuses David Cameron of peddling a “great deceit” about the previous Government’s record to pursue a damaging programme of cuts."  Delusion is obviously a Labour flu virus!


  1. How can you be a Labour MP without being deluded?
    Socialism doesn't work and nobody who ever lived under it wants it back. However there are millions who want a free handout who will always vote Labour.
    It's become the party of the social parasite and the non-working man. Only a Marxist ideologue who has never had a real job could want to lead it. Or somebody who knows a nice gravy train when he sees it.

  2. OP, cracking comment. Many thanks.