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Monday, 3 January 2011

Really, What Are They For?

Because They Seem To Achieve Sod All.

We are just about to end another interminable, consumer crazy holiday period. Parliament rarely sits and when it does what does it ever achieve? Councillors "strut and fret their hour on the stage" for what. Rubbish piling up due to crass mismanagement, snow falling contrary to Government planning and requirements. Water pipes bursting everywhere because of a bitter ice age like cold, when this had seemed to be abolished by Government decree. Mind you the hot air of those who would enslave us all and "run" everything is such as to make even devout sceptics like myself wonder!
Nope, officialdom and Government is crap of the highest order and lowest calibre. Where is this pathetic failure most apparent? AGW, now referred to as climate change. Was there ever in history, wars included, such a monumental example of the sewer inhabited by those who regard themselves as superior to the rest of us. Why do we put up with it? Do we notice when they have months off? Would we be worse off without Government? Well, if we had a better, more widely spread and inclusive system we might be better off. Say a jury service type system. Every two years a large and well qualified number are drawn from a hat to be given two years absolute power over The Civil Service and the administration of the Country. Parameters drawn up to hold referenda on massive projects, the rest of the time they hire and fire "Sir Humphreys" as they see fit. Tell you something, we could never be any worse off than the EU-UK political class of meddling and muck stained morons we have today!
As a perfect example see if you can spot the BBC subtle propaganda featured here.  


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours, OR.

    If Belgium can do without a government, why can't we?

    They're all a bunch of hypocritical, parasitic con-artists, in my view.

    Have you ever noticed how well the traffic flows when a set of traffic lights breaks down?

    I think the country would run much better without these twats, I really do.

  2. The Country always seems happier and runs smoother when these self-obsessed morons go off on their ridiculously long holidays, OR, I wish they would all just fcuk off forever!

  3. Hi, Guys. KILLEM, Belgium is the de facto capital of TFEU< perhaps. Spidey, exactly!

  4. Killem, (and all) there's an excellent short documentary on traffic signalling, and still available here: