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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Our Mascot For Your Guilt

They Will Never Change.

More BBC rubbish expected to go unchallenged. Note the close up of the swimming bear, no emphasis on that this was a summer swim nor any realistic debate. Just a story presented as one single unassailable proof of the climate change legend factory. Now the cuddly mascots shown above are super kiddy toy like creatures hence the use of them as an AGW emblem. Don't ask the seal pups or their mums about polar bears, hey? Also don't mention research such as this. Not on message, here and just look at my favourite place, truth dares and marvel at the disarray amongst the failing arguments for AGW. Still the thickest lefties on the planet, surgically and with deft precision exposed by Peter Sissons this week. ""The BBC became a propaganda machine for climate change zealots, says Peter Sissons... and I was treated as a lunatic for daring to dissent.
Such leftie idiocy. What is not discussed is that the models created at vast billions of dollars expense are rubbish. It's not mentioned how much concrete and energy is used to build wind turbines nor is it mentioned by the BBC that Australian political pygmies failed to use dam defences for fear of climate change drought forecasts. Be scared. This stubborn adherence to stupidity cost hundreds of lives, untold millions of damage. All for the slavish toeing of a UN and Bilderberger discredited and dreadful ostrich belief.
Closer to home, look at your energy consumption and slay your new born to save the planet and the polar bear. Never mind that in 2008  evidence thin in the oceans was not discussed and this whole nonsense drives ever onwards. There must be big money to be made out of this global propaganda, even Moonbat thinks so.
Then there is the carbon credits scam and it's EU fraudulent usage, no doubt run by EU appointed Mafia gangs as a thank you for their bailing out EU banks. Enough money here to save the planet! There you have it. The whole AGW myth is just a ponzi scheme of enormous proportions and we poor suckers are dying to pay for it. We really are!


  1. Did an outside force kill it first(perhaps one of those demented 'clubbers'?); or was the seal killed by those now eating it?

  2. I watched a recent 'Horizon' on why the public are having difficulty believing scientists and their perspective based on facts. Leaving aside the content which focused largely on Global Warming - all the scientists proposing the 'warming' facts were interviewed in their university or Nasa laboratories. The "sceptics" were never referred to as scientists although the sole representative who was an elderly and respected academic dressed in a casual cowboy shirt and bootlace tie was briefly 'interviewed' in a cheap US diner over a mug of coffee. Well, who would you believe - the superior looking chap from Nasa in front of his all-singing, all-dancing techno-globe futurama or Wild Bill Hickok cut off mid-sentence from explaining why global predictions are suspect? Tricky.

  3. Clarinda, indeed tricky for the educationally challenged, Labour failed experiment, school social engineering decades. That which you describe is just a snapshot of the subtle brain washing Orwell knew would come about.