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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Onwards And Upwards.

Anywhere Will Do.

“The Labour Party is intensely relaxed about people (me and Tone?) getting filthy rich” Peter Mandleson, 1998

Pocket money is all we mugs pay this smug trougher and pederast, compared to the favours now being called in by Bliar and this very unpleasant kiddy fiddler of Brazil. Is there or has there ever been a more despicable piece of unadulterated, excrement excavating, nastiness than this dreadful creature. Today we learn of the massive exploitation of his lucrative tenure, at tax payers expense, is to be rewarded with a breathtaking appointment to a Bank. Lazards must have been extremely well served by Lord Selfserve himself. Is there no end to this blatant buggery of decency. As our  long suffering austerity and pension debacle, presided over by this clown of evil, impoverishes us all further, the architects of this mess walk off into the sunset. I despair, I really do. Just listen to this short clip and bear in mind it was Lazards brokering this deal to swallow Cadbury's whole milk.(pun alert there)  Slime-ball was watching out, though. Yup, for himself.


  1. They don't care so long as they're feathering their nests. Mandelson (and Brown) knew perfectly well they could do nothing about the closure of the Cadbury plant when they made those remarks and raised the hopes of those who feared for their jobs. It was cynical manipulation and now Mandy benefits from his insider contacts at Lazards. Liars all.

  2. Good post.

    However, my blood pressure is not best served by watching a single second of these two socialist, self-serving bastards on YouTube.

  3. "Lizards" would have been a more appropriate name for a bunch of self-serving reptiles!

  4. You all are so messed up -- that we are now the holders of the Magna Carta.

  5. I take your point, WL but we are not finished yet!